Connect one loss to the next. Aran Mare Akita lost to Tokyo Haneda 61-71 and missed his first two consecutive wins in the final home game of the season. In the 4th quarter (Q) chasing 8 points, the offense with the gear raised could not be stopped and the point difference could not be reduced. Yuki Takano (22 = Tokyo Health Care University) from Akita, who joined in the early entry, rebounded 3 times with a play time of 8 minutes and 35 seconds. Make the most of your precious time in the future.

I didn’t go one step further. Early 4th Q. With a single-digit difference that can be seen as a come-from-behind victory, he has been conceded consecutively. At one point, it was widened to a difference of 14 points, making it a difficult development. Although he did not give up until the end and aimed for the goal, he escaped to the opponent. Head coach Hirofumi Kojima (54) said, “I talked about trying to defend one-on-one, but on the contrary, I was beaten by the pressure, or I was rebounded and I was hit by a second chance.” rice field.

On the 15th, when he made his W-League debut, Takano experienced his first victory after entering the league. “I was very happy that my first victory in the debut match was a big one for me.” On this day, he stood on the court about 7 minutes longer than the day before, and discovered that “I thought it would be difficult to do what we wanted to do or how to fix it when things went wrong.”

He turned 22 on the 13th and vowed to be active in his hometown. “With the support of the people of Akita, I was able to play with a lot of energy. I wish I could give back by playing an active role.” There are 6 games left this season. While accumulating as many white stars as possible, aim for further heights.[Koshi Aizawa]

○… Natsuki Sunagawa (26) made a big move with the team’s highest score of 17 points, 2 assists and 5 steels. Blocked by the corrected defense of the opponent, he reduced 9 points from the 15th of the first victory, but switched to “I was able to pass around because another player approached me by attacking.” From now on, the chanson cosmetics match will be held on the 22nd and 23rd. “I want to keep attacking at the offense and bring the flow with the defense that puts pressure on the opponent.”