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Video games can be great creative tools for kids, and this

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David Ferriz, Artistic Director and Designer at Devilish Games, demonstrates how video games can be creative tools for young people.

Video games are our greatest passion, but they are also an indispensable part of our culture at a global level. And, on many occasions, it is very unfair to them (Also, for unrelated causes).

For example, yesterday an article in El País stated that children would lose interest in drawing or playing if they had a console at home. Regardless of whether we agree or not, there is a case that defends the opposite.

David Ferriz, video game and art designer at Devilish Games, has delved into this topic with an interesting Twitter thread. You can see it for yourself, because it has no waste whatsoever.

Ferriz himself indicates that both he and his wife they are raising their little ones with video games, but that does not limit other types of leisure … far from it. And it is that video games can be powerful creative tools.

Of course, this depends on how we use these tools. Regardless of whether our child plays a certain video game, Ferriz shows how we can incentivize to draw or do other activities.

Before going into some examples, David clarifies that everything depends on the type of video game, age for which it is directed and thematic elements. Too the genre of said title, Clear.

Father playing with children at the console

For example, Ferriz indicates that his daughter loves Breath of the Wild, the masterpiece of Nintendo Switch. Despite not being an age-appropriate game, he found that loved to explore, cook, climb, and perform other actions as Link.

What happened to good old David Ferriz? Well build a wooden sword and shield, paint them and go to explore the field. Not only that, but the little girl explored, went in search of enemies and much more.

It could be said that it is the case of ”jugar a Star Wars o Harry Potter” And it is that, entering personal terrain, I remember how we spent it playing with sticks and pretending they were lightsabers… what times.

Another very striking example is found in Paper Mario: The Origami King. David took advantage of this to foster his daughter’s interest in origami. They designed figures and toys using paper.

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There are many other examples: Angry Birds with dinosaurs, Prince of Persia, Wii Sports bowling, archery, Mario Kart paper toys, homemade Minesweeper … it’s a great thread.

In this way, David Ferriz shows us how we can make our son / daughter enjoy video games … even if they are not playing them. They run around, create and innovate thanks to them. And that is priceless.

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