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Tvrdík responds to Csaplár’s criticism of the winter galleries: We love them in Slavia. And he added proof of an exhausted Krmenčík

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Football is the most popular and largest sport in the world. Millions of people are watching it, everyone has an opinion, and even if you think yours is right, there is always someone who disagrees with it. Now, for example, Josef Csaplár and Slavia’s representatives did not clash.

Winter training is the least pleasant part of the season for Czech footballers. In earlier years, this meant running in the woods and in the snow, or cross-country skiing, in recent years, the vast majority of teams fly to the training camp for the heat.

In any case, the monthly break must be filled properly and players must prepare for the spring part of the season. Slavia in particular is famous in this respect, and the cruel preparation of Jindřich Trpišovský has brought enormous success to those who have been sewing in recent years.

After all, there is someone who does not completely agree with the Trpišovsky method. And that is Josef Csaplár, a former coach of Příbram or Zlín and now a football expert. He defined himself against the winter galleys in the glossary for Sport.

“A week ago, the Czech teams began their winter preparations. I will try to look at this term professionally. Do you know what European big clubs have in common? These clubs do not know what winter preparation is. What is the message for Czech clubs? Simple. The idea that how much we run in the winter, how much strength we will have in the spring, is surviving. “ Csaplár thinks.

“I’ve always done football. Believe it or not, my players have never run more than fifty meters. No one of my players knows a hundred, two hundred, four hundred, eight hundred, a kilometer. I could boast that my teams were some of the best physically prepared. This period is ideal for developing the individual strengths and weaknesses of individuals. Technical, tactical and fitness. But meaningful! ” is convinced Csaplár.

“Forget the winter training dates, they have to run, they have to be galleys! I would understand if Czech clubs won European cups. But that’s not the case. “ adds a 59-year-old coach.

However, he does not agree with this in Eden. Slavia is currently preparing for a fortnightly training camp in Portugal, where players are getting fit for the spring part of the season. Perfect condition is a must for a demanding and running stitched style.

In addition, it must be added that comparing European big clubs and Czech football is somewhat unfortunate in this respect. In the Premier League, it is played without a break over Christmas, in Spain and Germany, players traditionally have a maximum of ten days off. Players do not lose their condition and, on the contrary, gain it in matches.

However, this cannot be said for Czech footballers. The last match in the Czech league took place on December 19, and the next one is scheduled for February 5. There is a break of a month and a half, during which the players lose a lot of fitness and in friendly matches, where new things are tried and players take turns after the halves, they definitely do not take it. It is so logical that foreign teams do not know the winter preparation, as they have a season, but Czech footballers do not have it, so they have to catch up elsewhere.

Jaroslav Tvrdík, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Slavia, also responded to Josef Csaplár’s opinion. On his Twitter, he shared Csaplár’s views on winter training and wrote: “War of the worlds, we love the galleys in Slavia.”

He also added a video of an exhausted Krmenčík, who had just finished. “Mischa, how are you feeling?” coach Trpišovský asks the striker. “Okay, now that I’ve run away,” matches the breathless Krmenčík. “Have you ever run like this in your life?” the coach asks him. “No, not at all,” turns away the exhausted shooter.

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