Tomorrow the National Basketball League resumes

Without respite and after the end of the year parties, tomorrow Wednesday the National Basketball League will resume with the matches between Ferro Carril Oeste – La Unión de Formosa, and Peñarol de Mar del Plata-Riachuelo de La Rioja.

Argentino, for his part, plays this Friday in our city receiving the visit of the Formosan quintet led by the Juninense Chiche Japez. Detail:


21 Ferro vs La Unión Fsa
21 Peñarol vs Riachuelo

Thursday 6th

21.30 Athens (Cba) vs Obras

Friday 7

21 Iron vs Riachuelo
21 Oberá Tc vs San Lorenzo
21.30 Communications vs Platense
21.30 Regattas vs Quimsa
21.30 Argentine vs La Unión Fsa

Saturday 8

20 Institute vs Works

Sunday 9

20 Hispanic vs Gymnastics (Cr)
21 Peñarol vs Olímpico
21 Union (Sf) vs Boca
21 Communications vs San Lorenzo
21 Oberá Tc vs Plateense
21.30 San Martín vs Quimsa

Monday 10

22 Riachuelo vs Regattas

Tuesday 11

20 Works vs Olympic
21 Union (Sf) vs San Lorenzo
21.30 Communications vs Boca
22 The Union Fsa vs Quimsa

Wednesday 12

21 Gymnastics (Cr) vs San Martín
21.30 Athens (Cba) vs Regattas

Thursday 13

21 Platense vs Peñarol
21.30 Argentine vs Olympic

Fixture Turco

Friday january 7
21.30 Argentine vs La Unión de Formosa

Thursday January 13

21.30 Argentine vs Olympic

Sunday January 16

21.30 Argentine vs Athens of Córdoba

Friday January 21

21 Union SF vs Argentino

Sunday 23 January

22 Olympic vs Argentine

Tuesday January 25

22 Quimsa vs Argentino

Friday January 28

21.30 Argentine vs San Lorenzo.


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