The big scam! Youtuber pays 3.5 million dollars for fake Pokémon cards | Gamers and Geek

The boxes contained letters from GI Joe

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A little less than a month ago, the youtuber and boxer Logan Paul became a trend when he claimed that he had bought the only known sealed box of letters from Pokémon of its first edition for 3.5 million dollars, although it recently found out that it was scammed.

Through his YouTube channel, Logan He contacted Matt, the person who sold him the box and who is also his collector friend, who paid $ 2.7 million for them.

To find out the truth, the influencer invited a well-known collectable card authenticator from the Baseball Card Exchange (BBCE) to help him verify his collection, since in networks they began to ensure that said packaging was false.

Although the previous owner claimed that BBCE verified the legitimacy of the set before, it all overflowed in no time. At first everything seemed to be going well, since the box on the outside showed signs of authenticity based on how old the packaging was, when they opened it they realized that they were GI Joe cards.

What was Logan Paul’s reaction to finding out that the Pokémon cards were fake?

One of those present detailed that it is the biggest fraud among Pokémon collectors, while Logan Paul preferred to leave the room after learning about the fraud.

I am a positive person and I will always be the one who sees the bright side of things, and I am trying, but it really is very difficult. I am very sad for everyone involved, it is sad for the Pokémon community, of the frauds that there may be.

“I am grateful for the things that I have that are authentic, I am literally imagining in my head (his 150 thousand dollar card from) Charizard and oh my God, something that is worth a lot of money and is real,” he said.



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