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the best of August and September – Play.it USA

by archysport

In August we start on the 8th, with Zach Wheeler eliminating 21 consecutive Mets, he closes the home match with a CG SHO, 2H, BB, 11K, 108P. He thus reaches 22 scoreless innings against NYM and completes the sweep in the series. Zach is the NL leader for K and IP, and is the current favorite for CY.

On August 11, 14 years after his first CG, Wainwright in Pittsburgh scored another one, with 2H and only 88 jumps! At 39, he’s his eleventh SHO, and he hadn’t had a CG for 5 years. On the same day Corbin Burnes equaled the MLB record of 10 consecutive K, at Wrigley Field he closed the day with 15K and no base ball, franchise record.

On the 14th the eighth no-hitter of the season materializes, an MLB record! Tyler Gilbert, on his first start in the Majors, against the Padres, at 27, after 4 years of prominence; grants 3 BBs to Pham, 2 canceled by as many double games, makes 3 outs with only 3 throws in the eighth, closes with 102 throws and 5K. The southpaw is the first D’Backs to throw a no-hitter at home, he is the first no-hitter on his first MLB start since 1953, making his fourth MLB appearance.

On August 15, Triston McKenzie, in Detroit, began the match with 23 consecutive outs, before suffering a hit from Castro. 106 launches, 11K in 8 IPs.
The 20 Max Fried in Baltimore completes the first CG SHO in his career, only 89 jumps, 4H, facing just 2 opponents beyond the minimum, 4K. It was since 2018 that a Braves hadn’t launched a CG SHO.

September 4 starts with Houser making Brewer’s first CG SHO against the Cardinals since 2014! The first of the Counsell era. 3H, 7K, 101 launches.

The 11 Burnes in Cleveland eliminated the first 18 opponents, then conceded a BB, and closed 8 IPs with 14K (he became the third pitcher in the history of the Brewers with 210 K season) with 115 pitches, maximum in career. Hader enters for the 31st season save and the combined no-hitter! Second in the history of the Brewers, 34 years after the first. Ninth of 2021.

The 12 Max Scherzer against the Padres becomes the 19th pitcher in history with 3,000 K, the second fastest (after Randy Johnson). Eliminate the first 22 opponents, with an immaculate inning (9 pitches, 3K). He closes with 8 scoreless IPs, and is 6-0 in eight starts with the Dodgers, and an ERA below 1.00.

24 Fried in San Diego becomes fourth pitcher of the season with 2 CG SHO; 3H, take out the last 18 opponents, 97P, 4K.

The 25 Ranger Suarez against the Pirates scores a CG SHO, 97P, 4K, 7K. In 99 IP it has an era of 1.46 !! in season. It looks like a star was born in Philadelphia.

September 28 begins the last week of the season, and there are still 4 teams from the AL vying for 2 WC seats, Atlanta and the Phillies meeting for the first time in 2 months still battling to win the Division (with Morton who beats Wheeler and widens the gap to 3 games ahead), the Dodgers and Giants still in the running for the NL West, and the Cardinals who reach 17 consecutive wins, securing the second WC of the NL.

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