Sebastián Viera talks about what is coming for Junior in 2022


Do you feel calm from the goal when seeing that Junior acquired two players with innate scoring qualities, such as Miguel Borja and Fernando Uribe?


I feel calm to see all the companions that I have around me, not just the two of them. In short, the games are not won by one, two or three players, they are won by 16, counting those who are in the bank. It is not only Borja and Uribe, there are also Carmelo, Hinestroza, Yesus, Pajoy, Cetré, ‘Cariaco’, among many others. Anyone from the middle of the field up can score a goal. We have tall defenses that can help us score with a header. I am here, with a foul near the area I can give a hand by scoring a free kick. That gives me peace of mind, that we have variants, that we have colleagues with a lot of hierarchy and a lot of names for difficult moments. In itself, it gives me peace of mind that we have a great team to dream of doing important things.



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