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Salim Ben Boina, the Comorian amateur goalkeeper who dreams big

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Launched by coach Amir Abdou against Morocco, Salim Ben Boina delivered an impressive performance in the Comoros cage on Friday 14 January. Admittedly, the Coelacanths lost (2-0). But their goalkeeper achieved such feats that he was named man of the match. And now, the one who evolves at the amateur level begins to dream of a future in the professional world.

From our special correspondent at the Ahmadou-Ahidjo stadium,

There is the pessimistic view of the situation in the Comoros. The one who finds that after two matches in this 2022 African Cup of Nations, the Comorian selection has only known defeat and has not yet scored. And then there is the optimistic view. The one that underlines that the novice can still qualify for the round of 16. The one who appreciates the XXL performance by Salim Ben Boina against Morocco.

Of course, Selim Amallah (16th) and Zakaria Aboukhlal (89th) caught him out. But between these two goals, the goalkeeper disgusted the Atlas Lions.

The ovation for the man of the match

Salim Ben Boina has, according to the principle set up by coach Amir Abdou, succeeded Ali Ahamada in the cage. And he shone like never before in the last quarter of an hour of play.

The triple opportunity of Aguerd, Saïss and Masina? Masterfully annihilated. The penalty – which he himself caused – by Youssef En-Nesyri? Pushed back from the knees. The face-to-face with En-Nesyri still in stride? Won with authority. For a few minutes, Salim Ben Boina seemed simply invincible, to the point of doubting Morocco, which was then only leading 1-0.

In the stands, including the one occupied by the journalists, the exploits of the Ben Boina wall did not go unnoticed. Logically, the goalkeeper was awarded the title of man of the match. And it was under a deserved ovation that he left the field.

“I will be able to tell these moments to my children”

A few minutes later, at the microphone of RFI, Salim Ben Boina laughs: ” It’s a first for me to go out to a standing ovation, especially outside! » « We love these moments, they are unforgettable. I will be able to tell them to my family, to my children. Before this match, I was told to have fun and enjoy myself, because we don’t play a CAN all the time “, he adds.

The last bulwark of the amateur club of the Union Sportif Marseille Endoume Catalans in National 3, the fifth level in France, assures that he will take the time to savor this trophy of man of the match. But he does not forget the sporting situation of the Comoros:

« What wins me there is the disappointment of this match. We lost 2-0 when we could have lost only 1-0, or why not draw. But hey, it’s football. We are still a small nation, we have a lot to learn. It’s not over, and if we have to leave, we’ll come back bigger. »

Comorian goalkeeper Salim Ben Boina in action against Morocco during CAN 2022 in Cameroon. REUTERS – MOHAMED ABD EL GHANY

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And now, the professional world?

With no points on the clock and a goal difference of -3, the selection of the Comoros can only hope for a place among the best third to hope to still be there in the round of 16. For that, we will have to beat Ghana on January 18, improving the goal difference if possible, and hope that is enough.

« As long as it is mathematically playable, we believe in it. We’ll put it in God’s hands and we’ll see “, insists Salim Ben Boina.

Asked about his dreams after this first remarkable appearance in the African Cup of Nations, the hero of the day confided that he still nourishes that of ” leave the amateur world ” and ” to seek out the professional world “. The native of Marseille, also a fan of beach volleyball, does not refrain from thinking about it in any case. And as he says himself: It is a dream that I still have today and which is achievable. Why not do it at 30? »


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