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Rider Ludger Beerbaum defends himself against bar allegations from RTL

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Dhe German show jumper Ludger Beerbaum defends himself with legal means against allegations from RTL that illegal training methods are being used in his show stables. On Tuesday evening, the private broadcaster broadcast a television report claiming that a blurred video, on which the people involved cannot be seen, proved that Ludger Beerbaum was using the prohibited “parallel bars”.

In addition, square bars and bars with plastic knobs were shown in the RTL report, which were stored next to the riding arena and in the attic of Beerbaum’s facility in Riesenbeck, but not their use. “RTL extra’s contribution is demonstrably wrong, defamatory and defamatory in many respects,” said Beerbaum in a statement. “Of course we will take legal action against it.”

“Touching” is allowed

In the videos shown by RTL, while jumping, the horse hits a pole that an employee has pulled up with its forehand. How heavy the bar and how hard the blows are cannot be seen. The permitted version of this training method, “touching”, serves to remind a horse of the optimal jumping technique. Rough blows with heavy bars, the “parallel bars”, are prohibited.

One of the long-term problems of the associations is to make the border between touching and bars transparent, as only experienced practitioners can judge this. A commission of the German Equestrian Association has been working on a reassessment of this method for a year.

Got to show jumping: Ludger Beerbaum

Got to show jumping: Ludger Beerbaum

Image: imago / Chai vd Laage

“The scenes shown in the article on the riding arena have nothing to do with parallel bars,” explained Beerbaum. “It is about permitted touching that was carried out by an experienced, experienced horse specialist.” The pole used is compliant with the rules: “No longer than three meters, a maximum of two kilograms.” The polygonal poles shown by RTL next to the square are wooden poles that would only be used to build and repair the pasture fences.


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