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Real Madrid versus FC Barcelona in Riyadh: deal with Super Cup

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Mhe 35 years old Raúl García is one of the more experienced professionals in the Spanish league, you could think of him as a romantic. “I’m one of those from before,” said the Bilbao Athletic Club striker of himself. It is incomprehensible to him that four Spanish teams are flying to Saudi Arabia to play for the Spanish Football Association’s Super Cup. “The tournament should be played here,” he demands and at the same time acknowledges: “We all know what it’s about” – namely 30 million euros from the Saudis, which the Spanish Football Association shares with the four participating clubs.

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And this year the association has a special export hit on offer: the “Clásico”, the match between cup winners FC Barcelona and second place in the league, Real Madrid, with which the small tournament in Riyadh will open this Wednesday (8:00 pm CET) . On Thursday (8:00 p.m. CET) Bilbao will face champions Atlético de Madrid. The winners of both matches will have to fly to Riyadh again for the final on January 16. Luis Rubiales openly admits: “This is about business,” said the chairman of the Spanish Football Association.

The association receives 30 million euros from the Saudis every season for the Supercup, plus the costs of the organization. He has just extended the contract, which has been in force since 2020, until 2029. Rubiales has been in office for four years, during which time the budget of the “Royal Football Federation of Spain” has quadrupled to more than 400 million euros – that means more money for amateur sport and the professionalization of women’s football. This is how he justifies the export of the Supercup.

The “Supercopa” has only existed since the early 1980s. The league champions and the cup winners competed against each other at the start of the season. Hardly anyone was interested in the game, says football economist Luis Carlos Sánchez. It was Rubiales’ first idea to turn it into a tournament. The former Levante professional upgraded the trophy and marketed it well, says Sánchez.


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