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NFL Playoffs 2022: Tom Brady, to maintain supremacy over all NFL teams

by archysport

QHe wants to increase his legend. Tom Brady is ready to face a new postseason, the second, with the Buccaneers where he looks for the two-time championship with the Tampa Bay franchise and, at the same time, win his eighth Vince Lombardi trophy, which will increase his distance with all the NFL teams because Tom Brady has more Super Bowls than any squad of the gridiron of the United States.

Tom Brady holds seven Vince Lombardi trophies. six won with New England Patriots and one more with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With this, he surpasses his own Pats and Steelers con seis Super Bowls, a San Francisco and Dallas who have five Packers y Giants with four, Washington, Denver and Las Vegas with three, Baltimore, Miami, Kansas City, Indianapolis y Tampa Bay with two and Rams, Eagles, Seahawks, Bears, Jets y Saints with one.

While having more titles than any other team in the National Football League is a great achievement, knowing Brady you won’t want to stick with just that and more if you have the ability to do so. possibility in these playoffs to put even more ‘land in between’ with the other squads.

If the above weren’t argument enough to motivate Brady, the legendary quarterback is three postseason wins away from beating every team in the NFL. Brady has 34 wins to 35 for the Cowboys, 36 for the Steelers and Packers, as well as 37 for the Patriots.

And for those who say Tom Brady is finished (argument less and less valid), the quarterback since he turned 40, he has the same touchdown passes that Troy Aikman had… in his entire career (188)!

To achieve success in this campaign, Brady is backed by a team led by Tampa coach Bruce Arians.. The head coach of the Bucs is characterized by having great communication with the QB’s he has directed. Likewise, the coordinators of the team, both offensive (Byron Lefwitch) What defensivo (Todd Bowles) they’ve made Tampa Bay a fairly balanced squad.

With them and with proper names like Devin White (team leader with 128 tackles), Shaquil Barrett (10 QB captures), Rob Gronkowski (great friend of Brady), Mike Evans (one of the wide receivers with the highest offensive production) and Leonardo Fournette (best running back on the team last season), Tom Brady (aka The Goat) looks to lead the Buccaneers to the divisional round by beating Philadelphia, a pending account of Brady himself.


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