MMA: Watch Boucher Ketchup’s incredible hold in his victory over Djeuf Djeul (video)

On the occasion of the Soulfight 221 African MMA organized by Mo Gates Events in, Boucher Ketchup faced Djeuf Djeul yesterday Friday January 21 in New York City. The first city of which many amateurs predicted the defeat, pulled out all the stops to finish victorious in this great fight.

MMA: Watch Boucher Ketchup's incredible hold in his victory over Djeuf Djeul (video) - wiwsport

Boucher Ketchup, surrounded by his opponent and in a bad position, indeed caught Djeuf Djeul off guard with a remarkable judo hold. A successful action by Boucher Ketchup which earned him 6 points and a great victory against Djeuf Djeul.


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