Llaneros vs. Unión Magdalena case investigation by Fortaleza in the Prosecutor’s Office | Colombian Soccer | Betplay tournament

The promotion tournament for 2022 is about to start, after the controversy generated by the promotion of Unión Magdalena, on the last date of the home runs. Despite the commotion generated at the national and international level, the process began to delay and finally, the Samarians are already preparing for the League.

The president of Fortaleza, Carlos Barato, spoke on El Carrusel de Caracol Radio, about what happened in the legal process “There are several premises. Since December 14, in the extraordinary assembly, they announced Magdalena as the promoted club for 2022, at that time the answer was that they could not do more because it was in due process. In the assembly we made the due call for attention, to reflect on the facts. Without pointing out the culprits. But we did emphasize that the images reflected a fix ”.

Faced with the situation, the team began to plan what would be 2022, assuming that absolutely nothing would happen with the situation “From that moment we got used to the idea that we were starting in the Tournament. On the 31st they issued a resolution, which shelved the investigation against Unión Magdalena, in the middle of the festivities. The investigation against Llaneros continues. We are with our respective legal advice. We have to do our work on our side. You cannot leave that alone, not because of the rise of Fortaleza, which we already started in B, it is to defend sporting integrity, which is something serious for the football field ”.

He concluded with the progress of the process, from the legal aspect, taking into account that it is already in the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office “If they file it from the Dimayor discipline commission, there is nothing to do. The arguments are terrifying, they show in point two that Magdalena obtained a higher score in reclassification and that has nothing to do with the promotion. There one realizes that it is a fundamental and system problem. We are hopeful that the Prosecutor’s Office will do its job, we continue with the slogan on the other hand, how not to let this go unpunished.



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