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One of the very common themes in recent days is the financial ‘fair play’ in Colombian football, taking into account the different hires that have been presented in this transfer market. One of the protagonists speaking on this subject is Gustavo Serpa, a member of the board of directors of the blue team.

In previous weeks, the largest shareholder of the capital team, spoke with the program on VBar de Caracol Radio, referring to the reinforcements hired by the different national football teams.

“We have a policy of financial responsibility and we are not going to bankrupt the team for bringing in an expensive player,” said the businessman, bidding on the hiring of Junior from Barranquilla, who hired Daniel Giraldo and Fernando Uribe, former Millionaires.

Well, precisely on this subject, Juan Pablo Pachón, representative of Miguel Ángel Borja and an economist with a master’s degree in finance from the European Business School in London, spoke with Week Magazine, referring to the topic

“It is not the lack of financial Fair Play but the enormous administrative deficiencies, the lack of vision, and the lack of international positioning.”

He also threw a bid at Gustavo Serpa, showing him that he did not agree with the current administration of the ambassador team.

“Millionaires, in the last 25 years he has not contributed a single player for the Colombian national team, and the very few players he has sold have been to minor leagues such as MLS for values ​​of less than 2 million dollars.”

When asked about the investments of the blue team, he gave a strong message, taking into account his experience as an economist.

“In Millonarios the few investments to buy or enter free players with high salaries have not been successful, Duvier Riascos, Ovelar and a very prominent one that was that of Santiago Montoya, who left the club free and paid 1.5 million dollars” stated Pachón

To finish, Pachón showed that there is still much to learn from the different administrations of Colombian soccer teams.




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