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Original title: Li Junhui’s post-retirement life turned into a fashionista to a new stage of life

Soon after winning the silver medal in badminton men’s doubles with his teammates at the Tokyo Olympics, the tall Li Junhui announced his retirement. As a World Championship champion and Olympic silver medalist in men’s doubles, Li Junhui has a strong offensive ability on the court. He kills the ball heavily and has a sharp point of impact. He has a clear thinking about the ball and has a large defensive interception area. Although he is 195cm tall, he still maintains agile mobility and quick reaction power. Whether in the front or backcourt, he can always give his opponent a strong sense of oppression. This also brings him and his partner a “Chinese double The reputation of the “Tower”.

Li Junhui began to practice badminton at the age of 8, was selected for the National Youth Team at the age of 16, and entered the national team the following year. In 2013, Li Junhui and his partner won the men’s doubles championships in the World Youth Championships and Asian Youth Championships, and began to emerge in important international competitions, gradually accumulating experience in the competition, and ushered in an explosion five years later. 2018 is the most important year in Li Junhui’s career. In the Thomas Cup final, after saving two match points with his partner, he won the key game in one go, helping the Chinese team beat Japan 3-1, regaining the Thomas Cup, and also regained their first world championship title. At the World Championships in August of the same year, Li Junhui defeated two pairs of Malaysian players to enter the semi-finals and won the semi-finals in the Chinese derby with defending champion Zhang Nan/Liu Cheng. In the final against the Japanese team, Li Junhui played well, swept his opponent 2-0, and won the men’s doubles championship with his partner. In the 2019 Sudirman Cup, Li Junhui played again as the main force, and finally stood on the championship podium with his teammates.

In the 2018 Thomas Cup semi-final against Indonesia, after the victory, Li Junhui was excited to take off his shirt but failed to do so. After the game, this video was accompanied by music and spread widely on social media, and many people knew him because of it. In fact, Li Junhui is an out-and-out fashionista in life. He has a keen sense of smell and a unique understanding of fashion trends. On January 1, 2022, Li Junhui officially announced that he will serve as the global image spokesperson for the well-known badminton brand VICTOR. From a professional perspective, the two parties will inject more trend elements into the sport, stimulate the interest and enthusiasm of young people, create a new badminton fashion, and promote the development of the project among the youth groups. In addition to recognizing VICTOR’s innovative power in products, Li Junhui also hopes that through cooperation, his own fashion concepts and more trend elements can also be implanted into badminton products, so as to inject more vitality into the sport and also take this opportunity Inspire young people’s interest and enthusiasm for badminton.

It is reported that as a sports brand focusing on badminton, VICTOR has continuously improved product professionalism and technological innovation in recent years, while also creating original series with national tide elements such as “巭” and “Victory”. Hello Kitty, Dragon Ball Z, Marvel and other well-known IP co-branded rackets, shoes, bags and other badminton equipment. Compared with traditional badminton products, these equipment are more in line with the needs of Generation Z for “badminton fashion” and “trend sports”. Therefore, they have been recognized by many young people including Li Junhui. This has also become an opportunity for him to cooperate with VICTOR.

In addition, Li Junhui also has a keen interest in VICTOR’s series of events such as “Two Heroes Meeting”, “Victory Boys” and “Victory in Hold” that VICTOR has held for many years. He believes that these events have given a wider range of badminton enthusiasts a close to professional experience, and have also become a stage for them to show themselves and meet friends with the ball. In the future, he will also actively participate in it and communicate and interact with his golfers.

On the same day it was announced to join VICTOR and the well-known women’s doubles player Tang Jinhua. This is another world champion signed by VICTOR in China after Zhao Jianhua, Sun Jun, Dong Jiong, Cai Yun, and Wang Xiaoli.Return to Sohu to see more


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