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by Lisa Synowski

Ju-Jutsu athlete Jule Jacobs has big plans.

The school bell rings and just a few seconds later the schoolyard of the Heidberg Gymnasium in Hamburg is filled with life. It’s half past 12 – break time. But not for Jule Jacobs. Together with her friend Michelle, she walks purposefully towards the parking lot. The two are already expected there: by Jule’s father Stefan Jacobs. He drives with them to the Kodokan martial arts club in Norderstedt.

Training several times a week

The two have martial arts performance training there twice a week at noon. This is made possible by a special branch of sport in their school, which gives them extra hours for this. Because the two are among the greatest martial arts talents in Germany.

World champion in 39 seconds

Ju-Jutsu athlete Jule Jacobs shows her gold medal from the World Championships in Abu Dhabi 2021 to the camera © Kodokan eV Norderstedt

The high point in the career of 14-year-old Jule so far: the World Championships in Abu Dhabi last November. There she defeated her Russian opponent in the final in 39 seconds – and thus won the U16 world championship title in the weight class up to 48 kilos. “It was unbelievable. I was really nervous before that, but everything fell into place at that moment,” Jule remembers.

Father always there

Her father Stefan Jacobs witnessed the victory from the stands. The 60-year-old was himself a long-time successful martial artist and has been Jule’s trainer in her Norderstedt home club for many years: “I think I’ve already influenced Jule a bit. Ever since she was a baby, she’s actually always been in the hall. And now, of course, I’m incredibly proud of her. She’s doing what I never could.”

Judo and karate combined

Stefan Jacobs is also doing the performance training today. It is now 12 o’clock. Jule and Michelle are warming up in the hall for today’s training session. The goal: to hone the technique. Ju-Jutsu is a martial art that combines elements of judo and karate. That makes the training varied, but also particularly demanding, says Jule. First, she practices falling and throwing techniques from judo with her training partner Michelle. Then striking techniques from karate – and finally everything combined. The same processes over and over again, so that everything really fits in the competition. After an hour and a half, they’re done. And coach Stefan Jacobs is satisfied. for now. Because the next Ju-Jutsu training session is already waiting for Jule tonight.

No time for breaks

Jule doesn’t really have much time to take a deep breath until then. She has piano lessons at 3 p.m., so she has to practice at home – and do her English homework quickly. Painting, reading or meeting friends, she usually only has the weekend for that. At some moments it’s a bit too much for her, says Jule and spreads out her school things on the desk. Still, the Norderstedter doesn’t think about giving up. “I think that’s the ambition that keeps me from it. And my father, who keeps motivating me and says: If you don’t go to training today, then maybe not tomorrow. I want to prove that I can do it.”

Medals as confirmation

Maybe that’s why she hung her medals up next to her desk where they were clearly visible. As confirmation and as motivation. Because the world championship title should not have been there for a long time. Jule is currently training for the European Championships in April. And at some point she might even want to win the World Games – the most important international competition in the world Ju-Jutsu-Welt.

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