Johan Carbonero Liga Argentina pending the business between Gimnasia de La Plata and Once Caldas | Colombians Abroad

Johan Carbonero was one of the most prominent players in Argentina, in addition to being one of the favorites in Gimnasia de La Plata. The Argentine team informed Once Caldas, owner of his pass, that he will exercise the purchase option to keep a large part of the sports rights of the tricolor winger.

However, the business between both parties would be complicated, taking into account the payment terms they have and the demands of the Colombian team. According to information from the Argentine portal Cielo Sports, the business would be around 2.2 million dollars, but the people of Manizales claim not to have received the payment.

In that order of ideas, the winger was expected to report to Diego Corredor’s painting. However, from Argentina they affirm that the payment has already been made, so they will have to wait a few hours “from Once Caldas they contacted Gimnasia to see how they would apostille the contract to send it apostilled, to which from the Wolf they responded with one by way of example and model. Once the contract is received, which will take place in the next few hours, Gimnasia will be able to make the payment with the money it has already deposited, waiting to be transferred ”.

It should be noted that the payment between both parties is agreed to in four installments, for which the Once Caldas rejected, demanding a single payment so that the operation would not suffer more seriousness. Carbonero is expected in the next few days in La Plata, to join work.



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