In Carhaix, around forty judokas present for the last 2021 session of the Judo-club du Poher – Carhaix

The last training of the year 2021 of the Judo-club of Poher took place on Thursday, December 30, at the Yves-Vaucher combat hall. About forty members were present. As usual with the baton, the inescapable Béatrice Rubeaux-Grandin. Alongside the association’s professor were Marie Lanneval, Lola Casado, Céline Le Sergent, Nathalie Auffret and Mickaël Le Neindre. The purpose of this gathering was to review the errors observed during the last evaluation. From this Monday January 3, 2022, the judokas will return to their playground at the usual hours of lessons. It is not too late to join the various groups already formed. Just contact Béatrice Rubeaux-Grandin on 06 68 48 99 55.


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