Ihattaren moved by words Kieft: ‘It brings tears to my eyes’

Mohamed Ihattaren is moved by Wim Kieft’s column in De Telegraaf. The nineteen-year-old playmaker expresses his gratitude to the former striker of Ajax and PSV.

Kieft calls it a shame that the career of Ihattaren is in danger of falling between two stools and also points the finger of blame at former agent Mino Raiola. “It shows bad guidance from Mino Raiola that he let a 19-year-old go from PSV to Juventus on the last transfer day and send them directly to Genoa.”

Ihattaren is grateful for the support. ‘William, thank you. My family and I really appreciate what you have written,” the former PSV player responds via Instagram. ‘You are a real winner and the youngest Golden Shoe winner. 1988 supports me, it brings tears to my eyes. First Ronald Koeman, then Gerald Vanenburg and you. Willem Kieft, the man who scored one of the most important goals in the Netherlands.’

“I have a lot of admiration for all these men,” continues the attacking midfielder, who will most likely be rented out by Juventus to FC Utrecht. ‘I did not expect this. I will do my very best not to disappoint you. 1988 men, thanks again. Once legends always legends.’

Finally, Ihattaren makes a call to Kieft. ‘And Willem, will you come and train with me and Gerald sometime? Gerald puts them in front from the right, I from the left and you in the rush in the Olympic Stadium. Then I can really thank you with a training.’

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