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how much does the baseball cost?

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Today’s test is about reasoning. Can you solve this math problem? Try to give the correct answer in seconds

Today we offer you a test which aims to test yours ability to use logic and reasoning. Being able to find the solution of a brain teaser in seconds it can keep our brains in training. All this could bring gods benefits even in everyday life. This is why it is preferable crop a few minutes every day to try their hand at such tests.

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Obviously, the test has no scientific validity. It is simply a way to entertain our readers and our readers, perhaps allowing them to get distracted for a few minutes and leave the everyday routine. You just have to concentrate, think and respond.

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Not everyone is able to use the logic and the reasoning. These are particularly rare abilities. Those who manage to use these abilities are often able to obtain big hits even in one’s own life, especially in the professional sphere. Train your mind it is an interesting and stimulating pastime, which can bring great benefits to ours brain.

All you have to do is imagine a situation and solve the puzzle. You will have to answer a question, finding a solution to get the correct answer. Try not to take too long but don’t rush, it’s not a prize quiz! You are now ready for start the test of today. The topic of the day is about the baseball.

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How much does the baseball cost?

Now you will have to think about a very specific situation. The image below is generic because today’s test is a real math problem. Here is the text to solve: “A bat and a baseball cost a total of 1 euro and 10 cents. The bat costs one euro more than the ball. How much does the ball cost? “ Can you give one answer in less than a minute? Few people managed to give an answer in seconds. Can you do it? Let’s see what you can do!

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This test has put a lot of people in trouble. There solution is in front of your eyes, you just have to think calmly, but there is certainly some detail that confuses you. Who has been good has found the solution in less than a minute, try it too! For the test to be valid, you need to give an answer quickly. Only in this way will you be able to realize what you are skillful in this kind of business.

Those who answered correctly concentrated on the most important data of the problem, without being sidetracked by some words put there just to create confusion. Try to time how long will it take you to answer today’s question. If you can answer in less than a minute, you will be successful. Are you ready? Now you can start the test, then scroll down the text looking for solutions.

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The solution of the test

Through today’s test we tried to test yours ability to reason and find a solution to a puzzle. It is important to resolve these tests in seconds to see how ours reacts brain when it is put under pressure. And that’s exactly what we tried to do through this test. We asked you to try to solve a logic and reasoning test, finding the correct answer.

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If you have come this far, it means that you have found the solution. Or you didn’t succeed and are curious to know what the correct answer was! If you answered in less than a minute, we need to compliment you. You used the brain, is a rare ability. If it took you a little longer, don’t knock yourself down! You just need to work out. If, on the contrary, you have not been able to solve the operation, do not worry, obviously you just have to get used to this kind of test.

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Here is the solution: on the cost of the baseball ball, what can be confusing is the repetition of the word ‘euro’. Often ours mind is led to increase the amount, but the solution is much simpler than you might think. Both cost 1 euro and 10 cents. So, if the club costs one euro more, you have to subtract the euro and divide the remaining sum by two: the ball therefore costs 5 cents.

The test is over, we hope you enjoyed it. And you, were you able to solve the problem? If you enjoyed this test, know that in the next few days there will be others just as curious and fun. You just have to be patient, see you soon!

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