Girona strikes a balance between art and suffering (2-1)

GironaDelicious. This could be described as the proposal of a Girona who enjoys being a creature. Girona were able to break up Fuenlabrada, but they left it alive and had to work until the end (2-1). However, Michel’s men, who remain in positions of play-off, are possibly the best footballers in the whole country. It is a team of authors who also know how to suffer.

The first 15 minutes of Girona have been an ode to exquisite palates. Especially the association formed by Samu Saiz and Álex Baena, a couple that scares rivals. And it is that all the players have been perfect, at the beginning of a game that they wanted to solve by the fast track. The superiority has been absolute, almost humiliating for a Fuenlabrada who has not been able to say anything. Everyone asks for the ball, no one hides. And Montilivi is proud of the game of a team worthy of being exhibited at the Louvre.

Samu and Baena, Baena and Samu. As if it were a competition between them to find out who did it best, they have come out playful, inventing caroms of their own billiard programs that are broadcast for Christmas. Only one has been forgiven, Michel’s team. In the second, with the audience already delivered, Samu showed that there was no one else on the field, cutting out everything that came out in front of him. The assistance to Baena deserves a separate chapter, discovering a space that only the Madrilenian has made. Baena has only had to cross it.

Weaknesses with changes

The connections have been constant in a team that has confirmed the change in goal with the entry of Ortolá. Samu has continued to do his part, becoming the hero of a noon that has not hidden that Girona is designed to reach the top of everything, at the end of the league. Opponents no longer look at him with the same eyes as in the beginning, when everything was allowed. Now they respect him, they even play conditioned. And even though they know where things are going, they are wrong. Doing what they wanted, Samu and Baena followed the play of the first goal; this time, however, the Andalusian midfielder tried to haggle the goalkeeper, without success. When Michel replaced them, they cheered with a standing ovation. But it has weakened.

Breaking the deadlock had a great chance to score, but Cristhian Stuani’s shot rattled off the post. Said and done: a shot from Baena that deflected as Morro could has been left at the feet of the Uruguayan, who as he continues at this scoring pace will tear all his records. He has already made 15, more than any other footballer in the league. And when everything was on track, already in the second half, Anderson, from the head, put the fear in the body to an inaccurate Girona, conditioned by a terrible refereeing and saved from the tie thanks to the wood, which has spit a shot from Pedro Leon.



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