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Ex-Bundesliga professional Levels denies the virus and calls for resistance

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Former Bundesliga professional Tobias Levels has repeatedly played down the corona virus in the past and thus apparently gathered corona deniers around him. A sports reporter who reported on him said he received insults.

Tobias Levels joined as a professional footballer Borussia Monchengladbach, Fortuna Düsseldorf and FC Ingolstadt a name. He now appears publicly as Corona– Denier who calls for resistance. The 35-year-old recently described the virus as “people’s rascals”. His views are drifting towards conspiracy theories. Reported about it “rp-onlineAs a result, a reporter for the medium even received hate mail.

In the summer of 2018, Levels ended his active career as a professional footballer at the age of 31. It has not survived in the football cosmos. “Only playing soccer became too monotonous for me at some point,” he said at the time of the “West German newspaperInstead, he founded a nutrition start-up.

Levels speaks in a podcast entitled “The Corona Bluff”

In a podcast with the subsequent title “The Corona Bluff”, Levels shared his views in 110 minutes Corona-pandemic Open to early this year. “We have had an alleged pandemic under control for almost two years,” says the introduction. “Every day we are bombarded with content and measures by the media and politics. Time to shed light on the pandemic and try to shed a little light on it.”

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According to the report, however, the darkness is not shed light below. Hints, allegations and allegations follow, which, however, cannot stand up to scientific standards. In addition, there is talk of a “p (l) andemia”.

At the end of the episode, Levels says: “It is time we took a stand against it. It will be our last chance. If we play along with this and those who get there with it, it will be very uncomfortable for us and future generations to live here.” . And further: “I hope that the resistance and the clarity will increase and we will force the end.”

Journalist is insulted after reporting on levels

As a former professional soccer player, Levels still has a certain reach just because of his name. This was also felt by Gianni Costa, the author of the report on “rp-online”. He gave via Twitter known that Levels mentioned him in his Instagram story, whereupon Costa was confronted with “the most disgusting insults”.

Levels played a total of 128 games for the clubs Borussia Mönchengladbach, Fortuna Düsseldorf and FC Ingolstadt in the Bundesliga and 126 games in the 2nd division. He was second division champion with both Mönchengladbach (2008) and Ingolstadt (2015).

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