Barça present Ferran as he runs out of patience with Dembélé

BarcelonaFerran Torres is, according to President Joan Laporta, the signing of “perseverance”. That of the footballer, to come to Barcelona. And that of Barça, to sign him, although he still can’t sign him without exceeding the fair play financial. The football director Mateu Alemany is working hard on this, in a winter market that is expected to be moved with various folders to solve the Barça entity.

One of them is the renewal of Ousmane Dembélé, who, if he does not expand his ties with Barça, will be looking for a way out this winter. “There are no planned meetings with Dembélé today. There have been contacts with the agents for five months. They know very well what the situation of the club is. We want him to stay and he has had a renewal offer for a long time. “We have had a lot of patience, the only thing I can make clear is that it is a situation that cannot be resolved any time soon,” said Mateu Alemany.

In the same way, the Barça executive has said that “an exception” has been made with Ferran. “We signed it before we could register it, that’s true, but we are working with the conviction that we will be able to do it before Sunday. , but we have already worked to find out what options are available in the market. ” On the other hand, Alemany has confirmed that the other signing made this winter market, Dani Alves, will be registered between today or tomorrow.

There is another way to win fair play, which would go on to embrace the money from the British CVC fund, which Barça has so far rejected. “Right now it’s an option that we don’t consider with the terms and conditions that have been put to us. We don’t need any more debt. They tried to give us another approach, but it didn’t fit us. In any case, we’re still open to We do not see the agreement with CVC as a positive way for Barça, “said Laporta. “.

The Barça president has also been asked about a future signing in the summer of Haaland. “Everything is possible if it is done well. And we are working to do it well. I am convinced that everything will go very well,” said Laporta, who, having insisted on the issue, said that equipment “because all it does is increase its value.” And even though it sounds unrealistic because of the problems with it fair play, the top Barça manager did not want to rule out the possibility that both Morata this winter and Haaland in the summer could both have a place at Barça.

From Manchester City to Barça

For his part, Ferran Torres explained that “he is very calm” and that he is confident that the club will be able to register him. The footballer, who is just recovering from a fractured foot, said that “the injury is going very well”. “We are on time. I hope to be there for the Super Cup and even a little earlier. I am already in the process of preparing to compete again.”

To sign for Barça, the 21-year-old striker has had to leave a club in a state of grace like Manchester City: “When I left for City I already explained that I would like to return to a great club in the Spanish league. “I was interested in Barça, I didn’t think so. I like challenges and I want Barça back where they deserve to be,” he said. Ferran defines himself as a winger, but defends that he is a “versatile” striker if the coach requires it. “I’ve learned a lot with Guardiola, I’m coming back from City with a lot of learning, which will help me to better face this challenge.”

The clauses of his signing

Although official figures have not been released, Torres will be wearing Barça after Barça and City have agreed a fixed transfer of 55 million and a variable amount that could raise the figure to 72 million, more than double what he paid the English club in the summer of 2020 to take him away from Valencia. As ARA has learned, the variables are seven million if you renew with Barça, five million if you win the Golden Ball and five million if you win the Champions League by playing 60% of matches (playing 45 minutes or more per game ). If the Barça club made a draw with a future transfer of the player, City would take 10 million as long as they do not renew with Barça and the sale is over 55 million euros.

Foios (Horta Nord) has scored 16 goals in 43 official matches under Pep Guardiola and has become one of Luis Enrique’s benchmarks in the Spanish national team (22 matches, 12 goals). Negotiations to incorporate Ferran Torres evolved decisively at the end of November, when Barça football director Mateu Alemany and the club’s CEO, Ferran Reverter, made a quick trip to Manchester to negotiate with City and explore several ways to strengthen the team. With the agreement reached with the player – represented by the same agency as Pedri, with whom recent deals have been made – the part remained to agree on satisfactory conditions for the club of origin and sustainable for the club of destination. Alemany and Reverter offered possible exchanges, but City wrinkled their noses at the options listed on the negotiating table and chose to ask for only money. The citizens they valued Torres at 70 million because they consider him a player with projection, but at the same time they were open to lowering the fixed tranche of the transfer price and making payment more flexible.




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