Ancelotti: «Ceballos knows that I have confidence in him»

Matchday 20

True to his style, the Italian coach diplomatically settled the controversy over the anger in Alcoy de Ceballos, which he recognized his mistake for delaying his entry to the field until the last minutes

Jose Manuel Andres

If Carlo Ancelotti knows something, it is to avoid fires and to try to control his wardrobe. The Italian coach came out of the images in which Dani Ceballos showed his anger with his coach for having just five minutes on his return to the pitch, against Alcoyano in the Cup. «With Ceballos what happened with a player who has to come back and play, “Ancelotti weathered with a distended smile.

“I wanted to give him minutes but he believed that it was not the most suitable scenario, after an injury, in a field where he could have problems. I have waited a little longer, I have seen that he has become angry and I have admitted to him that maybe I was wrong. He knows I have confidence in him », continued the Reggiolo coach, who considers the Utreran midfielder as another good option for his core.

«It is not a sporting issue, it is a social issue. Society and generations have changed. The respect that I had for my father is not the same as that of my son for me. The relationship is not more complicated, but it is different. The new generations have less respect for authority “, he analyzed generically below, in relation to the changes that he detects in relation to the relationship between players and coaches with respect to his stage as a footballer.

The truth is that beyond the anger of Ceballos the match against Alcoyano left a suffered pass to the next round of the Copa del Rey and more doubts about the less common, far from the theoretical headlines according to what was seen in El Collao . Among the alternatives is Hazard, who beyond being far from the level he had at Chelsea, has at least managed to accumulate minutes of play in search of his best version: «At this moment his physical condition is good and what he lacks it is to regain the confidence of before. He is very close to his best level and I hope we can see him in the next matches.

Nor did Fede Valverde finish convincing, who is struggling with the few options left in midfield by Modric, Casemiro and Kroos. «Valverde has his part in this team, sometimes more and sometimes less, but it is important. What you are doing you are doing well. It is true that in recent times he has not played so well but the competition in Madrid is like that. He has appeared less than the usual three but he has done well when he has done it “, he valued the role of the Uruguayan in the Madrid squad.

Return of Vinicius

«It cannot be said that there is dependence on Vinicius. He has had a great first part of the season and has helped us win games, like Benzema, but it is too much to talk about that at Madrid. He’s back and he’s going to help us, “he explained next in reference to the return of what has been one of Madrid’s offensive pillars, resentful of his absence in recent games.

They will not be available for the duel against Valencia at the Bernabéu Carvajal, Jovic, Mariano and Bale, almost an X-file in the case of the Welshman. «She has a problem with her back, which is loaded, and she is not feeling well. Until it is one hundred percent, it cannot be used, “Ancelotti explained about the state of a footballer who for now is not there and who is hardly expected in his last contract campaign. “We have handled the issue of injuries quite well with a very intense schedule. We are quite satisfied with this, “he added in relation to the part of physical ailments in his staff.

The duel between Madrid and Valencia on the banks of the Castellana will be between one of the teams in the League that commits the fewest fouls and one of the most punished for it, a team faithful to the style of Bordalás. “There are many things to evaluate this data, such as possession. When you have more of the ball, there is less chance of fouling. Everyone has their own style and Valencia defends very well, we have to put intensity in the duels, “Ancelotti limited himself to assessing in this sense, respectful of style issues.



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