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A Green Up Cream below your expectations

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After reaching the playoffs last season, the start of the new season at home Green Up Cream Basketball is for the moment below their expectations and they see the formation of president Piacentini in the middle of the playout area with 8 points, with a balance of 4 wins against 8 defeats. We talk about it with coach Marcello Ghizzinardi in his first season on the rosanero bench.

“At the moment the 2021-2022 season we can say that it has 2 faces. After a pre-season above all expectations and which saw us one step away from the Super Cup finals where we were overtaken in the final of the qualifying phase at Ju.Vi. Cremona we dived into the championship where we started with 2 wins in the first 2 days respectively against Ju.Vi. Cremona and the newly promoted Jesolo. From the next home match against Cividale we went into difficulty and collected 8 consecutive defeats; but despite the negative moment the company has always given me its trust and for this I thank you very much and I feel proud of the work that I am doing up to now, even if I would have risked the exemption after this difficult moment.

As for the championship, I think that apart from group C which is very hard-fought, group B is hard and balanced with many nearby teams and it is difficult at the moment to hypothesize who will play the playoffs, who will remain in the category, who will make the playout and who will drop into C Gold. As for the surprises I can definitely say Fiorenzuola that he is having a good championship and that he beat us at home, while among the disappointments surely San Vendemiano that we will face in the second half and built to make a top championship.

As for the objectives, we will certainly have to win the head-to-head matches against teams of the same range, hope to get out of the playout area and if possible do some tripping to some big players.

Finally, as regards the vote to be assigned to my team, I would give a 6+ result of the various difficulties we are currently facing which sees me at the moment struggling with several players who are not at my best due to various injuries “.

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