Will Sascha Mölders switch to city rivals Türkgücü?

How will Sascha Mölders continue? According to a media report, the cult striker will never again appear for the Lions – and instead may appear in the jersey of the rivals.

“I was no longer satisfied with his performance.” With these words, Munich coach Michael Köllner declared the suspension of star striker Sascha Mölders on Friday. The 36-year-old doesn’t see himself as a substitute or substitute, so “we had to sort things out for the club,” continued Köllner.

The former Bundesliga professional and the old Munich champion now seem to go their separate ways after six years together. As the Munich “Abendzeitung” reports, Mölders’ management and the sixties club management are currently negotiating a contract termination. However, due to the striker’s horrific compensation claim, they are still a long way from an agreement.

Münchner Zeitung brings change to city rivals into conversation

This is probably one of the reasons why 1860 does not rule out Mölders’ winter transfer. The “Abendzeitung” brings Türkgücü Munich into conversation as a customer. Ironically, the city and league rivals against whom Mölders handed out tough in the spring.

“The sports comrade Kothny (Türkgücü’s managing director, editor’s note) said that Türkgücü would like to replace Sechzig München in Munich. If Sechzig München should one day play in the district league C, with the force that the club has, this fan base , and everything that goes with it – it’s impossible that sixty will be replaced by someone in Munich, “said the cult clipper after the 2-0 derby victory in April.

Despite this announcement, Mölders’ advisor has been in regular contact with Türkgücü President Hasan Kivran for a long time, according to the “Abendzeitung”. The club founded by Turkish immigrants had already made a first attempt in summer 2020 to sign Mölders.

“Sport1” again doubts that they will still succeed in the coup a good two years later. According to information from the sports broadcaster, Türkgücü has no interest in strengthening itself with Mölders. “Too much has happened”, it is said – especially with a view to the derby announcement – from club circles.



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