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Which players in the Fortuna League asked for a bigger transfer?

by archysport

The Fortuna League has gone to hibernation, but the wheels of club managements are getting underway. The transfer period is beginning, in the autumn several players asked for a better engagement. Who could change their location in the winter?

Tomáš Čvančara has already left Jablonec for Sparta, while David Jurásk from Mladá Boleslav is watching Slavia and Sparta again. Max Talovierov from České Budějovice is already in Slavia, there is a lot of talk about Fortun Bassey. Let’s take a look at other players who haven’t gotten anywhere yet, but they would certainly deserve a transfer.

Ewerton – Mladá Boleslav, 25 years old

A skilled wingman from Mladá Boleslav, who can transform his efforts into numbers. The 25-year-old Brazilian scored 9 goals in the fall and added 5 assists.

It is still relatively quiet around him, but it is quite possible that this is his last season in the Lokotrans Arena.

David Tkáč – Zlín, 19 years old

The weaver acted as an apparition in Zlín. Although he started in two matches last season, he only built a stronger position in the A-team this year. Although he is a defensive midfielder, he definitely does not lack a goal appetite. He scored 5 goals in 18 starts, once he scored in the cup against Slavia.

It is only the year 2002, so he may still have time for a transfer and he will be knocked in Zlín for some time to come. However, a transfer in the winter cannot be ruled out.

Adam Vlkanova – Hradec Králové, 27 years old

Tahoun Hradec Králové. In the fall, he contributed to the excellent placement of slaves with 5 goals and 5 assists. Age can be a bit of an obstacle for him, at the age of 27 Slavia and Sparta will no longer buy it with the promise of future sales abroad.

However, he could still move to one of the stronger league clubs. In the past, for example, Baník Ostrava was very interested in him. When the transfer did not work out, Vlkanov was very upset. Maybe it’ll work out on the second try.

Source: Livesport

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