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“The time for excuses is over”

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The return of Fernando Alonso to Formula 1 after two years away from the premier class of the motor he finished with a good note. The Asturian driver managed to finish at the wheel of his Alpine in tenth position in the drivers’ classification, ahead of his teammate Esteban Ocon, and with several outstanding performances. Like in Qatar, where he took the podium seven years after the last time, or in the Hungarian Grand Prix, where his defense over Hamilton helped his teammate to win.

A magnificent starting point to face with guarantees the World Cup revolution in 2022, when the new regulation It will promote equality between teams, since they all start from scratch, and will allow more exciting races.

A scenario for which Alonso and Alpine have a plan to fight again for victories.

“Nobody knows what is going to happen and nobody knows what the objective is. In a normal winter we would have said we had to find eight tenths, but we don’t know what the new benchmark is. There is only hope that it is enough. We have the right people and the necessary resources. Now it’s up to us to get something out of all this. The time for excuses is over», Has recognized the Spanish in a few words for the German specialized medium ‘Auto Motor und Sport’.

“The new engine was absolutely necessary,” confesses Alonso about the new power unit on which his team has worked. But something has yet to come out of the aerodynamics. Otherwise, we will not be able to get close to those who dominate », explains the two-time world champion with Renault, who is optimistic :. «I’ll be fine at the start of the season, and if the car is too, I’m hopeful».

“Not all the problems have been solved yet, but we are on the right track. With my experience, I have a good vision of where we were doing well and what were our weak points. I can help eliminate deficits. As good as we are as a team, we will need a fast car. But everyone faces this question“Concludes the Alpine pilot.

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