The risk of skiing accidents increases significantly depending on the prehistoric age

WITHAt the start of the ski season, the Swiss Accident Prevention Advice Center warns to be particularly careful just before the lunch break: There are a particularly large number of accidents with injuries, said spokesman Marc Kipfer for the Swiss broadcaster.

There are two reasons for this: “On the one hand, there are a lot of people out and about at this time, both early risers and those who arrived a little later. On the other hand, there are already signs of fatigue, ”he told the SRF broadcaster. “You might be hungry, but still drive two or three times before you get some food and take a break.”

Every year around 60,000 people injure themselves during winter sports on Swiss slopes alone, 4,000 of them so seriously that they cannot go back to work after three months. Doctors have already called on winter sports enthusiasts to be particularly careful because hospitals are at their limit due to a high number of Covid patients and only a few intensive care beds are free.

Football is much more dangerous

Compared to playing soccer, winter sports are less dangerous, said Kipfer: “For every hour of soccer, the risk of injuring myself is five and a half times greater than when I go skiing. Snowboarding is a bit more dangerous than skiing, but even less than football. “



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