“The Bull had some inaccuracies in front of goal, but the important thing is that you arrive in the area and shoot”

Danilo Pileggi was interviewed exclusively for Pileggi is a former footballer who played in Turin in the 1977-78, 79-80 and then from 83 to 87 and in Bologna from 80 to 82, currently collaborates with a scouting agency and in particular follows the championships of countries of eastern and northern Europe. We talked with him about the match that will take place on Sunday at lunchtime between his former teams.

Torino drew with Cagliari and in the previous match with Empoli which left some regret for the comebacks suffered, while Bologna are doing fairly well, even if they lost the last match with Fiorentina. What idea did you have of these two teams?

“I believe it can be one game open and well played from both teams who are going through a good moment of physical and technical form. Mentally they are fine. It is true that the Toro he lost a few points along the way, but the performances he provides during the games are very comforting and with more attention he certainly would have had a few more points. The Bologna he interrupted a positive streak by losing to Fiorentina, but he has a good game and a freshness so I think the two teams are doing well in this match ”.

What are the strengths of Turin and Bologna?

“For the Toro the spirit and I also like the way of expressing oneself and playing without many calculations by attacking and pressing to go to regain the ball and then propose oneself with excellent purposes. Too bad because for the game, especially for the way, for the resourcefulness, for the character and the quality he expressed he deserved something more, however performance like this bodes well for the future even compared to previous seasons which in terms of the game, the grit and the character had been a bit lacking.
The Bologna it’s a young team, with quality guys and them too they don’t do a lot of calculations and they play the game both at home and away always trying to get the better of your opponents is under thetechnical aspect be under that competitive and physical. I think both teams are going through a good moment ”.

And what defects do they have, if any?

“The Toro stumbles upon some carelessness which makes him suffer a few goals too many. Perhaps it happens due to inexperience since there are also young guys in defense and there is a lack of attention and precision. But both teams have no particular weaknesses. Also the Bologna behind has young guys that are maturing A good experience e they do not have from the huge gaps”.

Perhaps Torino’s greatest handicap is the number of injuries?

“Honestly yes, the injuries they are penalizing. In general you play a little too much and in fact the coaches complain about it because it happens that they have even just one day to prepare for the match. And without training everything becomes more difficult because you play continuously and the rhythms are fast enough that it is easy for players to suffer muscle injuries as is happening to Taurus. If you can’t train well, if you don’t recover and rest, then injuries happen more frequently. We should find a way to play a little less. It is true that Torino does not dispute the international cups and in this respect they are more advantaged, but when the periods occur that in the span of twenty days or a month are played every two or three days in the end some problems arise. But I don’t know why there are so many injuries in Turin and almost all of them are muscular ”.

Another problem with the grenades is that they score a little bit and now for the second time Belotti is injured.

“Not having had one hundred percent Belotti from the beginning of the season until today it is a significant handicap. A player so strong who has been out and is still sidelined for many games has had a lot of impact. But I must say that the Torino the scoring opportunities creates them, arrives in the opponent’s area and shoots on goal. In some circumstances there was a bit of imprecision but the important thing is to get to the shot on goal. There are times when it is easier to find the way to the goal, but it remains comforting that there is production of attacking play and that the players get to shoot on goal. And then many score, even if so far no one has scored many goals. Pjaca e Zaza were injured and also Praet, in addition to Belotti for whom so far many in attack have not been at one hundred percent, but it is relevant that the grenades always arrive in the opponent’s penalty area then for one reason or another, due to imprecision or a lack of shrewdness, at times they do not materialize “.

What do you expect from the match between Turin and Bologna?

“Let it be a good match because also for the characteristics of Mihajlovic e Juric, who always want to play and win the match on any field they play, you will be able to see a pleasant match. And as I said before, Bologna has a very good ranking and also aspires to improve it and Toro, who is a little further back, will do everything to win to give a boost to their championship and to the standings by relocating themselves to a more appropriate position also for the game he has expressed so far ”.

Do you who deal with scouting have any advice for Torino for the January transfer market?

“Before hearing from I was watching a match in the Croatian league, Torino have strong players and trained people so they know what they have to do”.


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