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The badminton club meets the amateur elite with its young and veterans

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The badminton club of Saint-Hilaire-de-Brethmas-Alès is accumulating success. First, the young Armance Farel, at 14, landed her place at the Aix-en-Provence hope center. She is now in the top 30 of French badists. “It’s extraordinary to evolve so close to the best French women, welcomes youth coach Alex Bonnafous. France is the second country in Europe behind Denmark. The French level is rising from year to year. “

A good performance followed very closely by that of Raphaël Teil. At 12, he cumulates interregional tournaments where the best meet, and qualifies for the elite young circuit. “When we win one of these tournaments, explains the coach, we qualify for national tournaments and there we meet the French top 16. It is of a very high standard. “

The same goes for veterans. The amateur elite must reckon with the CVN Bad. Two veterans are bronze medalists at the French championships. “Florence and Éric Plantier did well, welcomes again, not without a certain jubilation Alex Bonnafous. This is the first time they have come back with medals. It was a great performance that qualified them for the world championships in Huelva, Spain. “

Bad girls tournament in March

So many results that attract players from all walks of life into the CVN’s nets. Thus, thanks to the Bad Boys tournament, 140 badists gathered in Saint-Christol-lez-Alès on November 27 and 28, coming from Occitania, but also from the Paca region. “We had 250 matches over the weekend. It’s a real marathon, recognizes Alex Bonnafous. But it sucks up other good national level players and that’s a good thing for our players.

With more than forty young people registered, the CVN Bad is the second badminton club in Gard in terms of number of licensees, and the first by its results. He will organize a Bad Girls tournament in March 2022.

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