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Stephen Curry Achieves 3000 3Ps in Total “No Limits” | Sportingnews

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Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors made a new history in the NBA on December 28th. In a match that lost to the Denver Nuggets at home 86-89, Curry achieved a total of 3,000 three-point shots in the regular season.

With this, Curry achieved 3P success in 157 games in a row, and was in line with the NBA’s longest record set by himself from November 13, 2014 (14th) to November 3, 2016 (4th).

After the match“It’s cool to be able to reach this milestone. It’s a great achievement,” Curry said.

“It’s kind of strange considering the rest of my career. Every time I decide on 3P, it’s a new record. I enjoy it.”

“It’s the same as when you’ve reached 400 seasons, you can’t limit what happens. Just play basketball, have fun on your own, and see what happens when it’s all over.”

Curry recently broke Ray Allen’s 2973 3P regular season record against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY.

Curry against the Nuggets scored 23 goals with 6 out of 16 field goals, including 5 out of 14 3Ps. Of these, 21 points (5 out of 10 FG successes, 5 out of 9 3P successes) were recorded in the second half.

The Warriors, who had reached half-time with a 24-point behind, caught up with the Nuggets, who scored 60 points in the first half, to 29 points in the second half, but did not reach a come-from-behind victory in the end.

原文:Warriors’ Stephen Curry becomes first-ever to hit 3,000 career 3-pointers, extends own NBA record of 3-pointers streak by SportingNews.com

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