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1939.- Lou Gehrig, who played in his last game on June 30 of this season, is inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The five-year waiting rule is waived due to the diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

1939.- At the request of the senator Clark Griffith, American League owners enact a rule that prohibits the AL pennant winner from buying, selling or trading players during the following season.

1973.- Giants sell to Juan Marichal To Red Sox, he will pitch for a 5-1 record, during his 14 seasons with San Francisco, the Hall of Fame today closed a record of 238-140 .630 on average.

1988.- Nolan Ryan becomes the first player to play for the original four expansion teams by signing as with Rangers, he also played with Metropolitans 1966, 1968-71, Angels 1972-79, Astros 1980-1988, a team once known as the Colt. 45s.

2013.- Jacoby Ellsbury signs a seven-year deal to patrol Yankees center field, joining Brian McCann as the second-largest free agent signing this week.

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SAN PEDRO EUM.- Center fielder Byron Buxton and the Minnesota Twins reached an agreement to extend their contract for seven years and 100 million, which the Press office makes public.

Buxton received a full no-trade clause in the deal and will be paid 500,000 each time he reaches 502, 533, 567, 600 and 625 plate appearances, they added in the note.

He also has MVP bonuses in each year of the deal, 8 million for finishing first, 7 million for finishing second, 6 million for third, 5 million for fourth, 4 million for fifth and 3 million for finishing sixth to tenth, they argued in the narrative of the release.

He was scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent after the 2022 season.

Buxton set his career records last season with a .306 batting average and 19 Sabrozones clubs, but was limited to 65 games due to injuries.

Due to various injuries, he has played in more than 100 games just once in his career, in 2017 when he appeared in 140 games and won his only Gold Glove Award.

That was also the only season in which he has reached more than 500 plate appearances, totaling 511.

For his career, Buxton is hitting .248, 70 clubs and 204 RBIs in seven seasons, all with the Twins.

Sr. Hit Baseball Digital Press…suscribase o visite!

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