Sport Bets via the Mobile Apps 2022

Cricket betting apps are very handy to use. However, you may face some difficulties linked to this process. So that to avoid this, it’s better to read this article and get acquainted with the basics of the bet-making process.

In general, it is rather similar no matter what app you are going to select. However, there will be slight differences anyway. Mainly, there are such steps as:

  • Registration;
  • Verifying your account;
  • Deposit making;
  • Selecting the sport you are interested in;
  • Picking the event;
  • Stating the size of the bet;
  • Actual bet-placing!

Don’t forget that before applying these steps it’s vital to choose a trustworthy platform for the best gambling experience possible.

How to choose an app for sport bets

A nice app for sport bets has to be characterized by certain distinctive features. Only if you can observe them when getting acquainted with the platform (or reading reviews about it), you may consider joining it. Here they are:

  • Fine customer support services (there should be a variety of ways to contact the team such as email, live chat, hotline, etc. and they should work 24/7 so that you could be able to solve your issue as soon as possible);
  • Readiness of the vendor to provide the participants with a welcome bonus and other kinds of rewards (they can be different but in most cricket betting apps, they are free bets, no deposit extras, and so on);
  • An opportunity to select the language;
  • A variety of payment options both for making deposits and money withdrawals;
  • A lot of sports to select from;
  • Nice interface which is clear for using;
  • Fine functioning (without bugs, errors, and this kind of stuff);
  • A good choice of games in case the platform is also about providing the casino stuff.

How to start placing cricket bets

Cricket betting apps of good quality are easy to use. The same can be said about bet-making. Just apply all the steps given in the first section of this article.

So, after you have your personal account, add there a sum of money you feel okay about. Do not put too much though because you may not manage your desire to spend everything at once especially if you are a beginner and haven’t dealt with this before. So, after the funds are there, do this:

  • Follow the section of available sports (make sure cricket is included in the accessible activities before you join the platform);
  • Select cricket as long as you are interested in it;
  • Choose the event you want to bet on and state the size of the bet you want to place;
  • Click on the confirmation and wait for the outcome!

Note that there is no point in cricket betting if you aren’t sure about the rules of the games so study this aspect beforehand.

How to complete the registration

On most platforms, it’s not difficult to do this. Normally, you have to click on the button that says Join or Sign Up (or Register) and provide the following info about yourself:

  • Full name and birth date;
  • Email;
  • Phone number;
  • Country of residence.

Some platforms may require more or fewer data. After you have filled in all the spaces, the verification link will be sent to your email.

How to get a welcome bonus

To receive a welcome extra, you need to be a registered member of the app. So basically, what you should do is to sign up first. In most apps, this bonus is given automatically.

However, sometimes you need to visit the Promos section and click on the corresponding button of the extra. That’s about it!


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