Sendai Daimeisei (Miyagi) aiming for V2 defeated Saikai Gakuen (Nagasaki) 116-33. “Double Yamazaki” by Hajime Yamazaki (3rd year) and Norihito Yamazaki (3rd year) fulfilled his role and played the top 8 for 5 consecutive years.

“Double Yamazaki” by Daimeisei Sendai demonstrated its ability. Immediately after the start of the 1st Q, Nori Yamazaki assisted Williams Sean Rion (Marion, 1st year) to score two consecutive goals and took the lead. Even if it is reversed immediately afterwards, if you find a free player or space, you can attack with an accurate pass. With the same Q alone, he led to a large number of points with 6 assists. “The defense came because I had the feeling of attacking. (Yamazaki) Hajime was able to hit with no mark,” he recalled.

In the 2nd Q, Hajime Yamazaki’s 3 consecutive 3Ps widened the point difference, and the first half was turned back with a 52-point lead. The momentum did not stop in the second half, and at the start of the 4th quarter, the point difference was 5 times. I was overwhelmed by the 100-point game without letting the opponents who played in the whole national high school this summer take the initiative.

On this day, Hajime Yamazaki scored 36 points and 14 rebounds, the most for both sides. Nori Yamazaki marked “double-double” with 12 rebounds and a maximum of 15 assists. Towards the quarter-final with Kanazawa (Ishikawa) on the 27th today, Hajime Yamazaki said, “I think we can win if we go through the basket that we came from, not the opponent, so I want to fight with that in mind.” I put it in.[Koshi Aizawa]

◆ TV Broadcast The men’s final will be broadcast live on TV Asahi terrestrial broadcasting from 1:00 pm on December 29, and the women’s final will be broadcast live on BS Asahi from noon on December 28.