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RAJNOCH’S GLOSSARY: Stanciu and Kuchta leaving? Slavia can handle it. Cvanchara may be Pelt’s masterpiece

by archysport

I would give Slavia a minus mark in the fall. It was a specific year when she made her third title in a row. There were a lot of players at EURO, they had almost no time off, injuries came and for a while the optimal form was sought. A similar problem is solved by the best European players, who, however, get the time off after the season and jump in later. They know very well that leagues often break around Christmas and there are already the best in full form. But Slavia managed it all, even without Bořil, Kúdely or, for example, Provoda, she leads the league.

Hitchhiker Taloveirov is heading to Eden as the first reinforcement, and I must say that I really liked him when I played against him in the third league. He is a tall, confident football player with a good pass, excellent reading of the game and its organization. The potential for this player is huge and from Sparta’s point of view it is a pity that she let such a footballer run away, especially when this post on Letná has been very sensitive and problematic in recent seasons. But I still see other Adepts among the young Sparta players that they could grow into league stoppers.

There is talk of the departure of Stanciu and Kuchta. I think it would have sucked Slavia without this pair. Stanciu didn’t play so much in the starting line-up, the coach gave a chance to faster players. He is still a brilliant football player, I would like to see him here again, because he is a difference player, it would be a pity for the league, but when he leaves, Slavia will manage. The shoemaker and Provod will be ready. As for Kuchta, he showed form in the last year of the league even in the fall. It is clear that he wants to move on, and if he leaves, it may be a better chance for Krmenčík.

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Právo

Jan Kuchta from Slavia Prague.Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Right

The second in the table is Pilsen, which I would give a mark of about two minus in the fall. Mainly because she failed Europe. Otherwise, it can be seen that coach Bílek and his team are doing a great job. Cohesion and the team can be seen in Pilsen, which gives the team the strength to manage the matches to a successful end. You won’t be excited about looking at the team’s game with enthusiasm, but Pilsen makes points. The team was revived by Sýkora’s arrival with Mosquera, Kopic jumped after the injury and one of the most important players became the depreciated Butcher. In the end, I have to say, hat down, as Pilsen managed in the autumn.

As for the reinforcements, Viktorka reached for the best scorer of the third league, Petr Pejš. He scored twenty-one goals in the CFL in the autumn, went up a lot, but in the end he was seriously injured during negotiations with Pilsen. This is a tragedy for a young player, but for Pilsen it is an investment in the future. He will definitely take care of the player, this is exactly how big clubs behave.

The first reinforcement has already been introduced by the third Sparta. From Jablonec she gained the forward Čvančar, which upset Slavia, more precisely the transfer amount, which seems small to her. She is interested in the fact that she has a given percentage of this trade. That amount looks weird, Čvančara claims he wanted to go to Sparta anyway. He is an interesting player with potential, typologically they did not have such an attacker on Letná. So Juliš was there, but he is a marauder … It will be important how Sparta tames his ego’s reinforcements. In general, I think that young boys today are very confident. I’m not saying it’s a mistake, but they should point on the field in the right way …

I give Sparta two minus in the fall. She stayed in the spring in Europe, but there were fluctuations, for example with Pilsen or in Slovácko or in Europe on the Rangers course. The future of Bořek Dočkal, who has a contract for the last six months, is also being addressed a lot. It is known that he needs to be the boss of the cabin, he has to talk to coach Vrba about everything. He was not afraid to sit him down in the autumn, the question is how Bořek bit it. Coach Vrba found a place for Pavel Horváth in his time in Pilsen. Football has accelerated a lot since then, I’m really curious how it will turn out. I say for myself that if Dočkal accepts the role he agrees with the coach, I would extend the contract. He is still the player who can help the team in a number of matches.

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Právo

Bořek Dočkal from Sparta Prague during the match.Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Right

I will end up with Slovácko, whom I would give two despite fourth place. The team dropped out of the Cup Europe, but if you look at the results, it has moved among the best quartet of Czech teams and I believe that thanks to the long-term work of coach Svědík, it can also mix in the top three. At the end of the autumn, the team did not forgive a few outages, but now the players will rest and I believe that Slovácko will catch its breath again and will prosper.

In conclusion, I would like to wish all players, coaches and fans good health and luck until 2022, that they will have beautiful events and goals and that their football wishes will be fulfilled, that the whole of Czech football will continue to move in the right direction.


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