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NFL | John Madden is no more

by archysport

Football Hall of Fame coach turned descriptor John Madden died at the age of 85 Tuesday morning, the NFL confirmed.

Josh Dubow
Associated Press

His intense lyrical flights and his clear explanations have thrilled football fans for three decades on all the major American television networks.

At the helm of the Oakland Raiders, Madden maintained a sparkling 103-32-7 record during the season, in addition to leading his team to the Super Bowl after the 1976 season.

His fear of flying is, however, one of the reasons that prompted him to give up the coaching position sooner rather than later.

He became an even more prominent figure after his retirement as a coach at the age of 42, when he began to entertain and educate the millions of viewers who watched NFL football.

He is also the originator of the hugely popular sports video game “Madden NFL Football”, which still bears his name today.

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