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Nba Natale, Phoenix Suns-Golden State Warriors 107-116, Curry 33 points

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More please. Phoenix-Golden State is all it needs to be, the best Christmas game, a spectacular game between the two best NBA teams seen so far. Won Golden State, 116-107, with Steph Curry the 33-point star. But the Suns hide Otto Porter from them, decisive in the final. Sensational play of the Warriors, once again shown complete and deep. Phoenix was missing a penny to make a dollar, Chris Paul dying in the second half after a dominant first half and Devin Booker never shed light on the game like he does.


Golden State has Poole and Wiggins in quarantine, along with Lee and Moody. Yet he is not affected. She wins because she’s deep, because she always finds a way to lend Curry a hand. Porter (13 of his 19 points in the fourth period) is the one to close the accounts, but Steph had first found the help of Gary Payton II (14 points and 8 rebounds), the usual Bjelica from the bench, rebounds de Looney (10) and even Jonathan Kuminga (12 points), the one Golden State cultivates to ensure the dynasty doesn’t end with Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Dray, of course, is the secret ingredient to the Warriors’ success, much, much heavier than the 8 points, 8 rebounds, and 10 assists he closes with. Golden State gave another sign of its strength and completeness, how much its record (27-6) depends not only on the extraordinary year of Curry but also on a team finally at its height.


Phoenix stops after 5 victories and must quickly understand the lesson of this defeat. She faced the only opponent able to keep up with her at the moment, but she lost as she lacked the best pieces in the final. In the second half, Paul scored just 5 of his 21 points in the second half, unable to score more. Booker has always been out of sight (13 points with 5/19 shooting) and someone like him can’t miss these games. Bad in the second half also Ayton (18 points and 7 rebounds but only 4 with 2 rebounds after the break) and Bridges, who missed his contribution both in attack and defense. The Suns of the first half are the best NBA team, those of the second half lose against this version all talent and battle of the Warriors. Phoenix plays by heart, but often runs into the same mistakes: he can’t take advantage of Ayton against a team struggling under the basket, he can’t find the best Booker. The next challenge with the Warriors is already marked on the calendar.

the game

Curry is immediately a surge of adrenaline which signs 11 of the first 20 points of the Warriors and accompanies them on 33-23 to 57 ″ from the first siren. Phoenix reacts and improves in defense: in the second quarter, he keeps the Warriors at 33.3% of the field while Bridges and Paul hurt in attack, the CP3 putting on the horn the triple of Suns 62-58 to the interval. The Warriors give the first push of the second half, trying to escape at 77-71 with a Curry frank 4’35 “from the siren, but Phoenix responds immediately and the last 12 ‘start at 84-84 . Steph came back in force at the start of the last quarter, with 10 points in less than 5 ′, and Golden State extended with Porter 107-99, 4’50 ”from the end. Phoenix did not give up and came back in contact with a partial 8-2 closed by a triple from Crowder, but Porter closed the accounts by throwing Golden State on 116-107 with 1’07 ”to go. Phoenix, at this point, cannot return.
Phoenix: Paul 21 (5/10 of two, 2/4 of three, 5/5 free throws), Ayton 18, Bridges 17. Rebounds: Ayton 7, McGee 7. Assists: Paul 8.
Golden State: Curry 33 (5/11, 5/16, 8/9), Porter 19, Payton 14. Rebounds: Looney 10. Assists: Green 10

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