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NBA – ESPN: NBA adjusts corona protocol for vaccinated people

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Cologne (SID) – The NBA is adapting its corona protocol – and in future it will obviously prefer vaccinated players and coaches. ESPN reported this on Monday evening with reference to a memo that was sent to the teams in the North American professional basketball league. According to this, vaccinated people can leave the protocol after six days, provided that tests show that they are no longer infectious.

The so-called Ct value should now also serve as a parameter for this. In addition, there is still the option of leaving the protocol with two negative tests with 24 hours between taking them. So far, actors who tested positive had to enter the protocol for ten days, regardless of whether the person concerned was vaccinated or not.

The decision to shorten the isolation period in future with appropriate values ​​is based on scientific analyzes. According to this, people with a Ct value of 35 or higher should no longer be infectious. According to the definition of the Federal Ministry of Health, this value indicates “the number of measurement cycles that were carried out within a PCR sample in order to be able to detect the coronavirus.” A high Ct value therefore suggests a lower viral load.

The game operation in the NBA has been influenced by corona infections for weeks. ESPN reported that 166 players have been included in the corona protocol in the past two weeks alone.

NBA boss Adam Silver also confirmed that 90 percent of the current corona cases are due to the Omikron variant, which is considered to be particularly infectious.

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