Major League Baseball turns around its first work stoppage in 26 years

TEXAS._ With the Collective Labor Agreement expiring at 11:59 pm ET this Wednesday, Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association They will meet again in Irving, Texas.

According to sources, the union has not changed the initial proposal they made in May, which seeks an important change in the economic aspects of sport, which have been part of the Collective Labor Agreement for decades:

– Six years to free agency (initially agreed to by union leader Marvin Miller in 1976) – Dual Eligibility (since 1990) – Income distribution (since 2002)

Sources indicate that the Players Association is looking for a significant reduction in the distribution of income, which would affect the attempt of teams in small markets to remain competitive. The same can be said with reducing free agent eligibility from six to five years.

One area in which there was slight movement Tuesday was in the possible expansion of the postseason, according to a source, with the union proposing its own version of the playoffs.

MLB made three proposals last week, which included a number of player concessions:

– Elimination of the current qualifying offer, which would remove the compensation in the amateur draft tied to the free agent who rejected it.

– A lottery in the amateur draft similar to that implemented in NBA basketball.

– Universal Designated Hitter, which would add 15 daily job positions for players in the National League. The median salary for a BD in 2021 was $ 9.2 million.

– An increase in the minimum wage – An increase to the limit of the Competitive Balance Tax (CBT, according to its acronym in English).

A person involved in the negotiations from the league side indicated that there does not appear to be much sense of urgency from the union.

(With information from MLB)



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