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The Disciplinary Commission of the Dimayor closed the process against Union Magdalena for what happened on December 4, when he beat 1-2 to Llaneros in Villavicencio and was promoted to A.

After almost a month of investigations, the Commission established that the Samarian club had no responsibility for what happened on the field, when Unión scored two goals in replacement time to ensure promotion, due to the passivity of the local players.

The video of Unión Magdalena’s second goal went around the world and even President Iván Duque requested an investigation into what happened that day at the Bello Horizonte stadium in Villavicencio.

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What does the resolution of the Disciplinary Commission say

“Specifically, the players of the Club Unión Magdalena SA, in the sporting event under investigation, put the values ​​of loyalty, mutual respect and dignity first, showing respect for the adversary on the field of play and aimed at maintaining the sporting spirit and fair play, and his performance by the experts of the FIFA integrity team was never objected to ”, says the resolution.

“In view of the above, neither the players, nor the coaching staff, medical staff, the delegate or the legal representative of the Club Unión Magdalena SA, can be linked to a formal investigation, since the probative material collected so far, does not it allows us to deduce that these subjects have been participants in the reproached behaviors, and as a consequence, their actions during the investigated match do not constitute a disciplinary and / or ethical offense ”, he adds.

What will happen to the investigation against Llaneros

Dimayor sources confirmed to EL TIEMPO that the investigation continues in the Llaneros case to establish if there was any type of unsportsmanlike attitude in that match.

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In this way, the promotion of Unión Magdalena remains firm and the programming of the grand final of the B against Cortuluá, the winner of the other home run, which had been suspended while the investigation was being carried out, is still pending.




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