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LIVE TEXT: Riga’s “Dinamo” hosts Hartley-trained KHL champions Omsk’s “Avangard”

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Riga “Dinamo” hosts Hartley-trained KHL champions Omsk “Avangard”

The last game of the year in Nizhny Novgorod


Tomorrow, the “Dinamo” team will go on another trip and will play the last game of this calendar year on December 30, away from “Torpedo”.

VIDEO: Avangard wins goal


Hartley praises the character


Avangard coach Bob Hartley highlights the character of his team and the game in the majority in a post-match TV interview.

“Dinamo” with 35 points remains in the last 12th place of the Western Conference and “Podjaz” from Podolsk is already two points behind. Vitjaz also played overtime tonight and beat Severstal 3: 2.

Gates! Dynamo – Avant-Garde 3: 4


63rd minute Buncis escapes alone against Misurin and hits the crossbar, although Buncim seems to have been in the goal. However, no, Nits already beats Hudachek in the counterattack. The judges also confirm this sequence of events after watching the video.

“Dinamo” loses the game, the third period starting from 3: 0.

Avangard had the upper hand


The regular time throw ratio of the game is 21:37, throws 19:38. It can be said that with such statistics, “Avangard” deserved not to leave Riga empty.

VIDEO: “Avangard” third gate


Standard time is up


3: 3, “Dynamo” third game in a row game extension.

Gates! “Dynamo” – “Avant-garde” 3: 3


59th minute “Avangard” wins the throw again, the puck reaches Kaski, who is cold-blooded and throws the puck into the goal. “Avangard” have played a three-goal deficit.

Dinamo defends and defends another Avangard attack with a shot. There is no possibility to change.

VIDEO: “Avangard” second gate


Bryukvin changes the direction of the puck, Hudachek repels the puck, the first is Jakupov, but does not hit the empty corner of the gate. A long and impressive “Avangard” attack.

Long-lasting “Dinamo” attack and a great opportunity in front of the goal for Cerveniy, Michurov plays perfectly.

Gates! Dynamo – Avant-Garde 3: 2


50th minute. After Neath’s pass, Gricjuk beats Hudachek from the right throw-in. This is not the most successful episode for the Rigans goalkeeper.

VIDEO: Avangard’s first goal


“Dinamo” fails to make significant episodes in this majority, but the time is two minutes closer to the victory of the Rigans.

Rejection of Avangard


47th minute. Bryukvin is going through the protection of the Rigans and comes alone against Hudachek, but they can’t beat it. After that, the nerves can’t stand it and Brukquin himself earns two minutes for stumbling.

Gates! “Dynamo” – “Avant-garde” 3: 1


46th minute “Avangard” wins the haul, the puck is delivered by Kaski, who hits the top corner of the goal from the blue line. It took the Avangard four seconds to realize the majority.

Rejection “Dynamo”


46th minute Karjalainen was rejected for holding an opponent. We remind you that Avangard is the best majority-selling team in KHL.

Both teams play full teams.

The third period has begun


Photo: Raimonds Volonts / Dinamo Riga

Riga’s “Dinamo” have won in the last two games, first the Podolsk “Vitjaz” team was defeated with a 3: 2 overtime, but on Sunday the Rigans also won the Beijing “Star Red” with a 3: 2 post-throw series. Prior to that, Dinamo suffered a series of five losses.

The Omsk team won the last three games, beating the Torpedo of Nizhny Novgorod 3: 2, defeating Magnitogorsk Metallurg 4: 2 and destroying Helsinki Jokerit 5: 1.

The two teams have met once this season, with Avangard winning 4: 1 at home. Within the KHL, both teams have met 28 times in total, in which the Rigans have managed to win 12 matches.

In the tournament table, Riga “Dinamo” with 34 points in 41 games takes the last place in the Western group, but the Omsk team in the Eastern group ranks fifth with 52 points in 42 matches.

The list of injured players of the Riga unit includes defenders Nerijus Ališausks, Kristaps Sotnieks and Oskars Cibuļskis and attackers Daniels Bērziņš, Aleksandrs Protapovičs.

After this game, “Dinamo” will play three away games, the first of which will meet with the “Torpedo” in Nizhny Novgorod on December 30.

Vladimir Krikunov is assisted by Valery Kulibab, Alexander Nizhny, Oleg Orehovsky and Edgar Lushin as head coaches. Edgars Buncis performs the duties of the General Manager.

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