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This Friday Judo, weights, taekwondo and gymnastics after the first Panam Junior medals – Sports Poster

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Cali, Colombia. The sports of taekwondo, judo, weights, taekwondo and gymnastics, as well as boating jump into the ring this Friday in search of the first medals of the Dominican delegation in the First Junior Pan American Games held in this city.

In addition to the aforementioned disciplines, they will also seek to climb the triathlon podium, skateboarding and BMX cycling.

Other sports, such as baseball, boxing, badminton, archery and men’s volleyball will start the preliminary rounds, group stage and knockout rounds.


7:30 PM (8:30 pm RD time)

Barranquilla …. Edgar Renteria Stadium

Group I

RD vs Colombia



2:00 pm (3:00 pm RD)

José Luis de los Santos Happy 52 kilos

Fernando de Jesús Piter Ynoa 57 kilos

6:00 in the afternoon (7:00 pm RD) Novoanny Núñez Francisco 48-51 kilos

CYCLING BMX Buga – Valle 11:30 in the morning (12:30 RD)

Pista Challenger Polideportivo del Norte


Angelica Maria Peralta

Jeremy Marchena Baez

ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS Coliseo El Pueblo -Cali – Valle

1:00 pm (2:00 pm RD)

Men’s general individual (qualifying)

Jabiel polanco

FINALS: 5:30 pm (6:30 pm RD)

JUDO Yuri Combat Coliseum, Jamundi

From 9:00 in the morning (10:00 am RD)

Aleida Guerrero -48 kilos

Ana Bonilla -52 kilos

Clara Barinas Benítez -57 kilos

Ariela Sánchez -63 kilos

Antfernee Pepín -60 kilos

Antonio Tornal -73 kilos

PESAS Coliseo Ramón Elías López, Court. Palmira – Valley

12:00 noon (1:00 pm RD) Brailin Pacheco 61 kilos

2:30 pm (3:30pm RD) Dahiana Ortiz 49 kilos

7:30 pm (8:30 pm RD) Liliana Sanchez

SKATEBOARDING Skate Park Calida, Circuit 3:30 pm (4:30 pm RD)

Men’s Street Betoven Andújar


(round of 32)

Yumbo – Valley

In male: Ernick Zorrilla and Daniel Acosta

Female: Nairobi Jiménez and Alissa Juleixi Acosta

From 9:00 a.m. (10:00 a.m.-RD)

ARC SHOT Francisco Rivera Escobar Stadium, Court

From 9:00 in the morning (10:00 am RD)

Qualifying round men’s and women’s individual compound arc

Qualifying round individual recurve bow for men and women

TAEKWONDO Miguel Calero Hockey Coliseum. In Cali – Valle

From 10:00 am (11:00 am RD)

Pedro Luis Martínez 58-68 kilos

Nahomy Victor -49 kilos

MEN’S VOLLEYBALL Coliseo Evangelista Mora, Court

12:00 noon (1:00 pm RD)

RD vs Brasil

TRIATHLON Calima El Darién Valley Lake Calima Nautical Club

8:00 in the morning (9:00 am RD)

Final female individual:

Jorgina Medina Feliz and Johenny Altagracia Feliz Santana

10:00 am (11:00 am RD)

Final men’s singles

Melvin martinez

WOMEN’S HANDBALL Iván Vassilev Todorov Coliseum, Court

Group Stage 10:00 AM (11:00 am RD)

RD vs Brazil (game postponed due to rain on Wednesday)

SWIMMING Hernando Botero Obyrne Pools. Cali-Valle Pool

10:00 am (11:00 am RD)

Gerardo Martijena 100 meters breaststroke

Brandon Vives Suárez 200 meters butterfly

SPEED RAFTING Calima, El Darién Valle

10:41 a.m. (11:41 a.m. RD)

C1 1000 meters Final A Antonelly Viloria Díaz

K1 1000 meters FINAL. Jose Miguel Jimenez Mejia

K2 1000 METERS SEMIFINAL Eddy Camilo and José Miguel Mejía

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