Lela received a piece of jewelry after the birth, and Vémola slapped his pocket


Lela Ceterová to Carlos Vémola

Lela Ceterová to Carlos Vémola

It’s been a few days since Lela Ceter gave birth to her son Rocky and has her character back before giving birth. The double mother boasted a picture of her underwear on Instagram and her chin dropped. She didn’t hesitate to show her new jewelry.

Lela Ceterová and Karlos Vémola rejoice at the birth of their second child, but Rocky’s birth was not easy at all. The two-time mother had a high-risk pregnancy from the beginning and became infected with a covid shortly before giving birth. Doctors therefore preferred to have a caesarean section under complete anesthesia.

To minimize the possibility of infection with the newborn covid, they separated Ceterová from her son, which was very psychologically demanding for her. “The happiest moment for me was when I was finally able to hold my son Rocky in my arms. The birth was very mentally demanding for me because I contracted a covid a few days ago. Karel and I were very much looking forward to this beautiful moment of the birth of our second baby, but he couldn’t be in childbirth because of covid. I’m all the more looking forward to being able to be together, “Carlos Vémola’s fiancée wrote on Instagram a few hours after the birth.

Now the whole family is together in the famous Vémoland and Lela has already managed to show off her perfect body, just nine days after giving birth! In addition, she received a beautiful piece of jewelry and the price is difficult to estimate.

Sexy like never before, Ceter showed off her body after two births

“Before the birth I weighed 68 kg and today, nine days after my birth, I found a weight loss – 8 kg. I still lack – 5 kg and I will be on my original weight. Unfortunately, the excess 5 kg will go down worse and especially not fast, “Lela Ceter wrote to the photo, where she appeared only in her underwear.

Although the partner of the famous wrestler gave birth only recently, you would definitely not know it on her body. But Ceter urges other mothers not to have complexes from their bodies after children.

“Moms, let’s not forget that our body did an amazing thing. It took the baby. All the pounds in the pregnancy were beautiful and belonged to the most beautiful period of a woman. They can’t just get lost in a few days or weeks,” added Lela, who enjoys motherhood.

In addition, Carlos Vémola makes no secret of the fact that he is planning more descendants with Lela in the future, so little Rocky will probably not be the last child of this extravagant couple.

Lela Ceter showed her sexy curves just nine days after giving birth



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