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Kyle Kuzma congratulates an opponent in the middle of a match, he is displayed

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Kyle Kuzma is no longer in Los Angeles, but the fans do not let go on social media. The proof, this Thursday, he wanted to congratulate an opponent in the middle of the meeting, which shocked a lot of Internet users. He had to justify himself after the fact.

Kyle Kuzma has been released since leaving Los Angeles. Unbeatable holder in Washington, the interior is not necessarily more efficient than last season, with statistics up slightly despite a big playing time (13.1 points, 7.9 rebounds and 2.8 assists in 32 minutes), but it is much less exposed to criticism than in Los Angeles. And from time to time it totally explodes, like this Thursday against the Cavaliers.

Kyle Kuzma congratulates Evan Mobley in the middle of a game

With his 25 points and 10 rebounds, the strong winger was a major contributor to the victory of his Wizards against a particularly dominant young Cavaliers team this season. But it is not the level displayed by Kuzma that caught the attention this Thursday, no. On an action of genius by Evan Mobley, the former Lakers decided to clap his opponent’s hand to congratulate him …

Wait, did Kuzma hit him on the hand?

On social networks, where half measures do not exist, fans are obviously excited. On the one hand there were those who understood Kuzma’s attitude to such an action, worthy of a Doctor J of the great era, and on the other those who were offended by this lack of competitive spirit. Faced with the buzz, the player had to react on social networks, with 0 regret.

Obviously I’m going to hit him in the hand. Just saw the most George Gervin-like thing !!!

Kyle Kuzma was mouthamazed at this incredible action performed by Evan Mobley, he had to congratulate the young rookie of the Cavaliers. He does not regret his gesture, it is the basketball fan who is in him who has gained the upper hand over reason.

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