Iván Duque rejected the scandal of the Llaneros vs. Unión Magdalena – Colombian Soccer – Sports

After the Minister of Sport Guillermo Herrera, Ivan duque, President of the Republic, also emphatically rejected what happened in the party Llaneros vs. Union Magdalena, where doubtfully the visiting team won 1-2.

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Union crowned his return to the A in the last gasp of the match against Llaneros. He lost 1-0, came back and with a 1-2 victory, and with the defeat of Fortaleza against Bogotá, he managed to return to the A.

However, his promotion was clouded by a rare goal he scored in injury time, when his rival literally stood still, watching the Samarian attackers play.

He asked for transparency

“What happened in the promotion match to the First Division of Colombian Soccer is a national shame,” the president wrote on his Twitter account.

He continued stating that sport needs to be practiced with transparency: “Sport requires transparency, honesty and zero tolerance for any situation that delegitimizes sports ethics.”

Finally, he said that with MinDeporte they closely monitor the party so that the issue is quickly clarified.

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The Prosecutor’s Office could act

Sources consulted in this regard in the Attorney General They assured that the entity can initiate inquiries into the case ex officio, that is, on its own account.

The testimonies of the president of Fortaleza, who assured that there was corruption and cheating, and of the DT, who between tears said that they had been stolen, could be enough material for the Prosecutor’s Office to decide to put an eye on the delicate issue.

It should be remembered that Llaneros, whose players are suspected by the football community, has received public money from the Government of Meta for sponsorship concepts: the brand of Llanero brandy on the chest of his shirt.

The Prosecutor’s Office could. likewise, open an inquiry into the case through a complaint received from a person or entity.

Meanwhile, Guillermo Herrera, Minister of Sports in Colombia, assured that it is a global scandal and asked the governing bodies of soccer in Colombia for guarantees.

Soccer has to change! Between this and the complaints about the management of the sports rights of the players, we demand that Dimayor and the Colombian Soccer Federation present guarantees of transparent management, “he said.




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