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In which group will Italy play in Qatar?

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Stadio in Qatar © Gianlucadimarzio.com

When you think of the various disciplines of the world and the states that make up the world as we know it today, it is more than natural to notice how national sports change from country to country. If the United States therefore have the baseball and the rugby, l’Italy, as is easily understood, has the football which is a common factor of several European countries.

A tradition that echoes through the corridors of the main football stadiums located in France, Germany, England, Spain, Portugal and so on. But do you know what the most beautiful thing is? Find out how the shirts themselves and the champions of all time are worn and celebrated even outside their respective national borders.

Just think of Serie A teams such as Juventus, Rome, Milan, Inter, Napoli and so on with their respective champions who have made this sport great and spectacular (in this regard click on this article to get to know the best Serie A top scorers). Then just take a look at the catalog of streaming platforms, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, and the latest releases at the cinema to realize how the balloon galaxy is constantly expanding.

In this way it can therefore be embraced by more and more generations of fans who, maybe one day, will themselves become the darlings of the ball for many other small fans and footballers. So who knows if, from that pitch on the outskirts or in the public gardens under your house, the first kicks of tomorrow’s champions are being played!

But, to stay on the subject of tomorrow and the rather near future, we remind you that there is just under a year to go until the next World Cup where you can admire the deeds of today’s champions. Indeed, the Qatar World Championships will begin on November 21 and will last until December 18, 2022.

Such an exotic location, however, makes this event even more unique as a whole and this for two main reasons. First of all because this will be the last edition where 32 national soccer teams will compete because, from the next scheduled for 2026, these will rise to 48.

Furthermore it will be played between autumn and winter, instead of in summer, due to the prohibitive temperatures that would be breathed in those days.

Obviously among those present, ours should also be included Azzurri therefore the team of Coach Roberto Mancini is already in fibrillation. This “climate” is due, above all, to the fact that the Italian National Soccer Team has not yet qualified and, therefore, will have to face a series of new matches to understand whether or not he will have to fly to the fiery Qatar. The dreaded play-offs will be very feared matches because they are a one-off match, with the unknown factor of finding Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal in the final. Everyone is hoping for luckier than the previous world draws.


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