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Football: Bobigny has chosen Abdel Machri to replace Himed Hamma

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Sixth in Group B of National 2, Bobigny offered himself a small unexpected revolution which may leave some traces. A week ago, coach Himed Hamma, who announced his intention to quit at the end of the season, was dismissed by his president Mamadou Niakaté. who wanted to “anticipate”. A choice that caused a lot of misunderstanding within the group. Most of the players have, in fact, sent a message of support to Himed Hamma who had led the team to the podium at the time of the end of the championships for the last two seasons. Some even wanted to go see their leaders to step up and make them reconsider their decision. But the separation will be legally recorded at the start of the week.

A new novice staff in National 2

This Monday, when training resumes, a new staff will be present. In addition to Himed Hamma, a deputy, two stewards and three members of the medical staff have, in fact, also left. For the succession, several names had been mentioned such as those of Mohamed Tazamoucht (ex-Ivry) or Alain Mboma (ex PFC, Red Star, Blanc-Mesnil). Jimmy Modeste (ex-assistant Entente SSG and Red Star) has, for his part, declined as Sébastien Defaix (Senlis) to whom the position of assistant and nominee, had been offered.

As they had surprised by separating from Himed Hamma, the leaders of Bobigny surprised by appointing a novice at this level, Abdel Machri, trainer and technical director at Courcouronnes (R2). He does not have the diplomas to train at this level. He will notably have as assistant Abasse Chanfi, former educator at Paris FC where he notably participated in the outbreak in U15 of Ousmane Camara, now holder in L2.

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