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“Do you know what respect is?” Samuel Umtiti loses his temper against Barcelona supporters

by archysport

Samuel Umtiti is an angry man. As he came out of a training session with his club Barcelona, ​​the 2018 World champion was stopped by a handful of pseudo-Catalan supporters. These individuals, one of whom is holding a Barça jersey in his hands, position themselves in front of the player’s luxury 4×4 and force him to stop. One of them even mounts on the hood of the racing car.

A behavior that the French do not accept. After restarting his vehicle, Umtiti stops a few meters further on, gets out of the car and walks confidently and visibly upset in front of these people. Unimpressed, they film themselves for their social networks and take selfies while the international defender attacks them and asks them for explanations. A gruesome scene captured by the Spanish channel La Sexta.

” Come ! “, He launches them at first. “Did you pay for this car?” Why are you touching her like that? Do you know what respect is? “. He repeats this last question several times before heading back to his car. This is not the first time that young people have blocked the exit of players and put themselves on the scene on their social networks.

For Samuel Umtiti this incident is only one umpteenth episode of his slow and inexorable descent into hell since his arrival in Spain in 2016. Relegated to the bench due to injuries and whistled by part of the public who reproach him for staying at Barcelona due to his juicy contract which ends in 2023, the former Lyonnais; who has not played a single minute this season, had recently confided in his situation at the Blaugrana.

“At first, for a year or two, it was really hard to go through that. There have been so many lies too. No one knew what was going on. And since I don’t speak, people were speaking so it was very hard on me and my family. The lies hurt me. They said I didn’t want to listen to the club. No, the decision was made together. “

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