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The disciplinary commissions of the championship and the Dimayor continue with their investigations into what happened in the match between Llaneros and Union Magdalena, last December 4.

That day, the Samarian team won 1-2, with two goals in the spare time, the second of them, achieved thanks to a totally passive attitude of the Llaneros players, who watched the ball pass until Jonathan Segura secured the victory. .

That result left Fortaleza with no chance of promotion, which reached the last date as leader, but lost 1-2 with Bogotá FC, a score that opened the doors of promotion to the two teams that faced each other in Villavicencio.

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The final of the B was postponed indefinitely

This Thursday, Dimayor postponed indefinitely the match for the B title between Cortuluá and Union Magdalena, waiting for what the disciplinary process throws up.

The commissions summoned six Llaneros players to testify on Thursday, whose names were not disclosed. None of them appeared at the Dimayor offices in Bogotá: they sent a lawyer on their behalf.

“Today (Thursday) the first protagonists were called to discharge, six players from Llaneros, they did not come. This is a process that will be carried out respecting due process. We are working to make a decision ”, declared Fernando Jaramillo, president of Dimayor, after a meeting with the Attorney General Francisco Barbosa and the Minister of Sports Guillermo Herrera.

“What we hope is that both the disciplinary and criminal proceedings advance as quickly as possible, and that Dimayor makes a decision based on what is evidence for the entire country,” Herrera told Win Sports.

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The defense of the lawyer of the Llaneros players

Nevertheless, David Benavides, Llaneros players’ lawyer, expressed his surprise at Jaramillo’s statements.

In a video in front of the administrative headquarters of the Colombian Soccer Federation, Benavides leaves accompanied by president of Llaneros, Juan Carlos Trujillo, and the physical trainer of the team Jhon Jaime Durango.

“With surprise we received the declarations of the president of the Dimayor, who declared before the public opinion that we had not presented ourselves to the summons of the Disciplinary Commission. Here we are, the testimony proceedings of the president of Llaneros as well as the physical trainer were already carried out. Therefore, we ask you, Mr. President, do not misinform opinion and find out what is happening inside Dimayor, “said Benavides.

“On the other hand, we ask for consistency and procedural guarantees. The correct exercise of procedural rights is not a bad sign, the bad sign is that you intend to use it against us. We ask you, as you have done to date, for patience. , coherence and respect for the rights of those investigated“he added.




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